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  1. The Lodge
    Which dvd would you recommend? I have about 1.5 months experience with a short reed call and was taught by the cd that come with my goozilla call from RNT. I'm one of the types that absolutely loves to hunt things I can "talk to"....ducks, turks, and now "gooses". I have the turks and ducks...
  2. Conservation Forum
    At the Betty Strong Encounter Center in Sioux City On Sunday, March 7th at 2 PM the a panel will focus on changes in the valley's wetlands and hydrology. Van Sterner Ted LaGrange Doug Chafa Bill Smith Stu Maas Steve Jauron We will also look at impacts of the changes on fish and wildlife...
  3. Sports Talk
    Vikings squeek out another, would have thought a 44yd feild goal would have been in the trick bag for a "Pro". That said kinda fun game on right now with Tenn and NE white feild, playing in the snow.
  4. The Lodge
    Go here first......................
  5. The Lodge
    I think I would need to clean my pants out after this
1-5 of 5 Results