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  1. Northern Zone
    Any1 been hunting there the last couple days thought about making up there for an evening shoot tonight. Can't decide tree stand or ducks.
  2. The Lodge
    Will sweets ever be open to goose hunting? I think its time to start weeding them out!!
  3. Conservation Forum
    Sweets Marsh Ducks Unlimited Annual Banquet Friday, March 25, 2011 Sweets Marsh Ducks Unlimited Annual Banquet: Ducks Unlimited
  4. Northern Zone
    ducks and geese are pouring in there were 10x as many then you see in the picture
  5. Northern Zone
    Does any one no if they are froze over?
  6. The Lodge
    Is looking for the group that was hunting the north pond north of martens and closest to highway 93. I guess the group left a huge mess there and must have thought they owned the place because they didn't clean up after themselves. I am guessing this means trash and empty shell boxes all over...
  7. Conservation Forum
    The Sweet Marsh Goose banding is scheduled for Wed the 25th of June. If you need more info please shoot me a pm.
1-7 of 7 Results