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  1. Decoy Forum
    Took all the honkers out of the trailer and needed a place to put them. What better place than the boat. I guess taking the boat with that amount of decoys wouldn't be a good idea.
  2. Trade or Swap
    mine for yours. 1 night. ill trade anyone but millers gf. let me know
  3. Mud Motor Talk
    We were wondering if you have had a chance to water test it yet? We were curious if your stock prop would work out okay. If not, get ahold of Hopkins Propellers they should be able to offer a replacement. We are heading for river saturday morning to check out flooded islands again for more...
  4. The Lodge
    Hello. You are invited to attend the 1st of many Sportsman's Swap Meets at the United Country real estate office. This event will take place next Saturday, the 22nd of May from 8-5. It will be an incredible opportunity to sell any and all sporting goods. Except firearms. This event will...
  5. Mud Motor Talk
    Thru some wheeling and dealing we aquired another mud motor outfit. Its a 2005 23hp MudBuddy Hyper tall transome motor and 1986 14'x48 Lowe big jon on a rusty old trailer. 23 needs new starter, so we are swapping it out and installing 29hp big block on frame and putting 23hp on our GD long tail...
  6. The Lodge
    The north Iowa sportshow will be having its hunting and fishing and outdoors swap meet in the 4h building of the north iowa fairgrounds again this year. The dates for the swap meet are saturday Feb. 6 and sunday Feb. 7. Hunting and Fishing gear and other outdoor items. If you would like to get...
  7. Trade or Swap
    I have these videos I will swap for ones I have not seen:: TAKE EM 6 WHISTLING WINGS 8 GONE FOR THE SEASON ZINK RUNNIN TRAFFIC ZINK BAND HUNTERS ZINK
  8. The Lodge
    For all of us that have countless waterrfowl dvd's that we have watched a bazillion times we could swap them within the Iawaterfowlers group for a dvd you have not seen and vice versa. We could do this a bunch a ways where we just swap or trade or we could do a few thqt we keep sending on to a...
  9. Decoy Forum
    Sign up over here
1-9 of 9 Results