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  1. The Lodge
    The last five or six years swans had been hitting a field near My house. It started out with just 2. Over the years they've been building slowly in numbers. Yesterday on My way to work I counted 19, 13 Mature and 6 Juveniles. I know they have been growning in population on the Miss. but I live...
  2. Mississippi River Zone
    Ive been seeing hundreds of tundra swans and fewer and fewer ducks and geese around the Spring lake, Elk river refuge areas. Do you ever think Iowa will have some sort of season on these I hear other states out east do. And will Swans run Geese out of an area cause it seems the geese have...
  3. The Lodge
    Man Charged With Shooting Pair Of Swans POSTED: 11:37 am CST November 9, 2010 UPDATED: 12:11 pm CST November 9, 2010 MASON CITY, Iowa -- The Iowa Department of Natural Resources officials said Tuesday that a Mason City man has been charged with shooting a pair of trumpeter swans. Johnny...
  4. Conservation Forum
    Flying swans found nesting in Iowa Ames, Ia. â€" A pair of migrating trumpeter swans chose to build a nest on a muskrat hut and eventually produced six offspring, called cygnets, at Iowa State University's Kelley Farm this spring. Less than two miles to the south, at Mabaska Wildlife Area...
  5. The Lodge
    Do many/any swans migrate through Iowa during the fall? I know I used to see quite a few of them in the Peoria, IL area but don't recall seeing any during duck season. What about you guys?
  6. The Lodge
    2 swans were shot this mornin and the dnr watched the guys do it. 1 of the swans had a leg band a big red neck collar . They were both given tickets for $1625.00 . I just hope when they go to court the judge will be harsh enough to take there huntin rights away for awhile. These werent kids they...
1-6 of 6 Results