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  1. Conservation Forum
    Did anyone on this site participate in this survey? I for one am a no.
  2. The Lodge
    I just now took the time to read it on the DNR website. I'm seriously in shock at how slanted and biased it was in the nature the questions were presented. Most questions were leading and aimed at getting the quick and un-informed opinion of the person completing the survey. Did you notice...
  3. Conservation Forum
    Just curious, and please don't jump down my throat for asking this question, but do you accurately fill out the last years hunting survey each year when buying a new license? I know they are walmart/gas station/scheels/etc. surveys, but it is my understanding that you are legally obligated to...
  4. The Lodge
    Could someone post up what these surveys say, or post a link if its available online, for those of us who didn't receive one?
  5. Conservation Forum
    Fall Flight Survey on Mississippi, Pools 4-9 10/12/2010 Click on pic to maximize
  6. Conservation Forum
    Pheasant numbers at all-time low, according to survey by Iowa DNR The 2010 August Upland Wildlife Roadside Survey released earlier this week by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources revealed what interested parties already knew: There aren?t many pheasants left in the state. Another cold...
  7. Conservation Forum
    I just took the IDNR web survey and suggested that the site include an Iowa Waterfowler Survey where it is to run the length of the season. Waterfowlers may register with their hunting lic number and only allowed to take it one time. I suggested that this should be done so that we can obtain as...
  8. Conservation Forum
    Breeding Population Survey Released; U.S. Continues to Attract Majority of Nesting Ducks in PPR Bismarck, N.D.--The 56th edition of the Waterfowl Breeding Population and Habitat Survey, released today by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Canadian Wildlife Service, revealed wetland...
  9. Conservation Forum Please take the survey, Thank you guys! Bill
  10. Conservation Forum
    Do you live in the watershed of Iowa’s Raccoon River? The Raccoon River drains 3600 square miles of central Iowa including large portions of Buena Vista, Calhoun, Carroll, Dallas, Greene, Guthrie, Pocahontas, Polk, Sac, and Webster counties (see the yellow-highlighted area in the map below)...
  11. The Lodge It is from 2005 but I think it is still relevant. Sheds some light on the arguements we have here.
  12. Conservation Forum
    Delta Waterfowl Press Release July 2, 2009 Breeding Population Survey Released; Wet Conditions Attract Ducks to Dakotas BISMARCK, N.D.-At first glance, the results of the 2009 duck breeding population and habitat survey are eye-popping: May ponds across the prairie breeding grounds increased...
  13. Conservation Forum
    Just got a letter from the US Fish and Wildlife... Survey time.... Kind of odd to get the paperwork 3/4's of the way through the season... I've been keeping tabs on a calender at home so most of my info should be valid. This is the second time in the last four years I've got picked, tell me...
  14. Conservation Forum
    Iowa Waterfowl Migration Survey
  15. Conservation Forum
    Here is the link to the areas they do weekly surveys on.
  16. The Lodge
    Duck populations decreased this year, the (California) Department of Fish and Game’s (DFG) annual waterfowl breeding population survey shows. The breeding population of mallards decreased 24 percent, from 388,300 in 2007 to 297,100 this year. The total population of all duck species decreased...
1-16 of 16 Results