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  1. Field Hunting
    wind nw and you think it will bring fresh geese?iam tierd of fat lazy local birds who are no challenge.bad dog
  2. The Lodge
    Because Faith Hill sings for Sunday Night Football:)
  3. Southern Zone
    A couple guys went out in the south zone today, shot 4, didnt get skunked!
  4. Snow Goose Reports & Information
    We shot a total of 64 this past sunday. All but 1 were adults! LOTS of very beautiful eagle heads in there! Quite a few birds in SE Nebrasaka! Stay tuned for hopefully more pics :D
  5. The Lodge
    Today wasn't near as productive as yesterday but still fun. Overcast and rainy but we still got some birds. 4 of us again this morning. The dakotas and the lucky duck. Abbie with this mornings birds.
  6. Southern Zone
    Since we didn't go yesterday because of the heavy rain and lightning, we ventured out this morning and had a blast. We had light rain on the way out to our spot but it stopped after we got the decoys out and we ended up shooting our 18 bird limit in under 25 minutes! Great shooting by the three...
  7. Classifieds
    2009 20 X 60 Phowler .125 hull with Ice Breakers. Custum Made Blind and trailer for sale. You really have to see the blind to appreciate it. It has hydro-turf on all surfaces and the blind is insulated with 1" closed cell foam (Armaflex). Everything is 1 year old and hunted for 1 season. New...
  8. The Lodge
    The kind with wings, suppose he knows something we don't? What a long winter. I'm ready for a week of 60s and a e caller squawkin in my ear.
  9. Southern Zone
    i will be back in town this weekend for the event i am refering to as "The Wedding From Hell". i wanna go hunting sunday morning in the des moines zone... i have a couple ideas if anyones interested, or if you just have one more spot for a gun, id be happy to tag along if you will have me. pm me...
  10. Field Hunting
    We started the day in one field and moved to another. We watched over 500 birds land in the roost pond from 7-9. Dusty and Robbie went to go get breakfast and said there were birds dumping into one of our other fields. So we packed up moved and got sat back up by 12:30. By 1 had first birds on...
  11. The Lodge
    I went out hunting with a buddy last sunday morning and didn't see a ton a birds, did see quite a few high flyers, probably going out to feed. It was pretty slow for us and we only ended up with 2 woodies and a green wing and we didn't really hear a lot of shooting. I spoke to my cousin last...
  12. Fishing Forum
    Went and tried to do some perch fishing last sunday on the big lake. Nothing really biting we ended up with 3 only about 9 inches(small) they went back into the lake. Normally we are catching 13 to 16 inch perch. Caught a ton of gobies though. Here are a few pics. Leaving the harbor. Had...
1-12 of 14 Results