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  1. Outdoor Photography
    Even without the hunting season going on, I'm still trying to find time to get out the camera and take some images. With no ducks & geese to shoot over the decoys, I've switched to flowers, golf course and fireworks. Below are some of the photographs that I've taken the past few weeks/months...
  2. Outdoor Photography
    During the summer between golfing and working, I've been out around flowers and the countryside taking some photographs. Finally starting to slow down a bit so I thought I would post them. Enjoy Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with
  3. Gun Dog Forum
    Gunner chillin in his hillbilly hot tub (keg cooler) This is great for working in the yard on hot days. Some days I'll throw him a couple bumps and then he'll go take a break in the tub. I had a kiddy pool for him, but for some reason he likes this better
  4. The Lodge
    Holy tomorrow really July 1st??? where the heck did june go....i haven't even got to go fishing yet this year...damn. well i guess the good news is that soon some of the outdoor stores will begin to replenish their waterfowl supplies and before i can breathe, it will be early goose...
  5. Southern Zone
    Went down to Hartford and Swan areas this past weekend and both areas are full of water. You can put a boat into both areas if you wanted to. It will be interesting if they get the chance to fix the levees and road. They will not be planting any crops in either area nor the Swan Refuge. It...
  6. The Lodge
    Well with hunting season all over with nothing to shoot how is everyone doing? It looks like it is time to wear the fishing rod out I guess. I wish everyone a good summer and be safe. For me I have a few scheduled state meetings to attend to and 1 national meeting here in July. Other than that...
  7. The Grill
    This is a quick and easy way to make summer sausage You can use either hamburger or ground venision 2# hamburger or ground venision 1 cup water 2 tsp Schnitzius liquid Smoke Hickory 1/8 tsp black pepper 1/4 tsp garlic powder 1/2 tsp onion powder 1 tsp mustard seed 3 TBLS tender quick Mix all...
  8. Decoy Forum
    Here is what they looked like before I burlapped them. After they are burlapped and had acryl pro on them. Primed. The wife repainted the heads. Here is the finished product.
  9. The Lodge
    Sioux City Delta Waterfowl Summer Hog Roast: Tomorrow August 9th At Ickey Nickel Bar & Grill. Off of HWY 75 4700 41ST Street Sioux City Iowa Gates Open at 9 am Kids bow shoot and Hole in one $ 100 prize until noon. Serving up the Hog at Noon with all the side dishes to go with it. Live...
  10. Conservation Forum
    The great egret is one of Iowa's most stunning summer residents. Subsisting on a diet of fish and frogs, the species is most often associated with timbered waterways, quiet river backwaters, or shallow marsh edge. No matter where they occur, these large and showy birds never fail to draw the...
1-10 of 10 Results