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  1. Field Hunting
    A buddy and I went out with a pair of Lynch Mob calls yesterday for the first time and managed to fool one flock into coming close enough for a shot. We had the Law Maker and the X Factor and for a couple of novice callers we thought they were very easy to blow. Anyway, the story... We had...
  2. The Lodge
    The "MYSTICAL ZONE 3" REPORT :: Given the expansive flood waters currently covering the Valley, some guys wonder about "success probabilities" if they make an effort to come to the Iowa "West Coast" to chase ducks. Recall I made the same sort of post last summer. We had serious floods in 2010...
  3. The Lodge
    Well yesturday (jan 26th) was the last day to hunt Canadas in most of Nebraska so a buddy invited me to go hunting with a buddy of his. We did pretty well. shot 19 but ended with 18 and a band. One was a cripple that we couldnt find. We think a coyote got it cause we saw one in the field we saw...
  4. The Lodge
    well the birds did it again....skunked again... however....they had success in telling me in a very personel way.... f in birds!!! not givin up though...gotta work tomorrow then off all week!!
  5. Southern Zone
    tons of birds left in my secret spot :wink: and we got out today and got two. the birds seemed skiddish, i think our sheets didnt cut it like you guys said. :roll: smaller groups would work and give us shot, 8-12 birds, theyd lock up then pull out at 150 yards, not sure why. but ended up...
  6. The Lodge
    By Lowell Washburn Iowa Department of Natural Resources Lots of ducks. Lots of hunters. Lots of shooting. That’s the way most Iowa waterfowl hunting enthusiasts are summing up the results of the September 19 kickoff to the first, five-day segment of the 2009 Iowa duck season But the fact...
  7. Fishing Forum
    40 fish boated between 4 of us for the week. Enjoy the youtube clip.
  8. Turkey Forum
    Seven birds on film for the 2009 season, and 4 of them result in excellent harvest footage. It has been a long past couple months and several hours put towards obtaining good footage, yesterday Ross (KNOBBERS) took this 23 lb tom 20 minutes into the hunt, it had 1 inch spurs and one 11 inch...
  9. Turkey Forum
    Anyone bagged their bird yet? Pics, stories, etc please! :)
  10. The Lodge
    By Lowell Washburn For thousands of Iowa waterfowl hunting enthusiasts, the long wait is over. Opening weekend of the first segment of this year’s 60-day, split duck season has come and gone. The weeks and days leading up to last Saturday’s big opener were filled with anticipation and...
1-10 of 10 Results