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  1. DIY Waterfowl Gear
    Out here in Oregon we can't use motorized decoys. We also can't use magnets, anything of the sort. I know that there are similar rules in Arkansas. I was going to post a homemade version that I made for about 20 dollars, but wanted to gauge the interest first. Sure they aren't as useful as a...
  2. Hunting Gear
    Anyone on here ever made there own and have pics? I have 4 ghg pro grade surface feeders and would like to put them on a jerk string.
  3. Decoy Forum
    While sitting in the docs office (MRI today for a tumor removed a year ago, all's good, didn't show up) I was reading field and stream and they had an article on coots with a jerk string, anyone use this is their decoy spread?? The article said ducks will see the coots bobbing in the water and...
1-3 of 3 Results