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  1. The Lodge
    Started the waterfowl season off with a big boom! Shot a 4 man limit of teal today in 30 min out here in Nebraska. Tons of teal! Great hunt :D:D
  2. Decoy Forum
    Please post in this thread that you are in on this traveling decoy signup. There is so many weeks in the season so the first (how ever many weeks on this season, I haven't figured it out yet) posts that equal the amount of weeks there is, is in the contest, get it?? I will contact Mike today and...
  3. Deer Forum
    Got these pics a couple nights ago. Have the 3 cameras out again going to check them in the morning again.
  4. The Lodge
    For a Draft Horse Show next month. It has a high point system you can buy into with the pot being 300.00 plus normal payouts for placings so My goal it to have 5 horses ready to go :shock: 1 of my drafts is a veteran to the show ring My Percheron team has showed once and the weanling and...
  5. The Lodge
    We started the year off with a good shoot today. The birds were skittish but we were able to get some to finish with some contented calling and decoy adjustments. The Spread Bad Decision Fellas Mike with his first band The bag with some fat honks The days are flying by...
  6. Gun Dog Forum
    The UKC International Grand Hunt tests. Begins Friday night with a banquet at the Starlite Ballroom at the Mississippi valley fair grounds in Davenport. There are 326 dogs competing. There are 2 water sites at the River Stone Quarry property at the intersection of I-280 and Illinois route 92...
  7. The Lodge here is a link for the du migration map for people who like to see whats going on...last time i checked there were only 3 or 4 reports...
1-7 of 7 Results