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  1. Waterfowl Q & A
    I have been duck hunting for years and know the basics of calling but would love to get started in competition calling. How does someone get started. Would love to learn and if it is possible to take classes or pay someone to teach me. Any help would be great. Thanks for any advice!!!!
  2. The Lodge
    It's always awesome on a Friday night to get a call from SHazam debit card fraud dept. It looks like there has been suspicious activity on your card. Have you authorized payments for Big O Tires in Scappose Oregon? Ummm...No I didn't What about the tire stores in Utah? Umm..Nope OK...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, Just like to introduce myself. My name is John, i am 21 years old I live in Southwest Iowa. been waterfowling for a great 6 years now, started off hunting upland game, then into bowhunting monster whitetail, but havent got the chance to shoot a nice one. then into waterfowling...
  4. Conservation Forum
    Once again my fellow southern zone duck hunters there are those afoot who are trying once again to move our south zone duck season dates back to line up with the same dates as the North zone. It's crazy. If you value your option of having 2 zones with different start and close dates you had...
  5. Waterfowl Boats, Motors, & Boat Blinds
    I got the chance to start working on the new boat blind today. I started off with cutting a hole in the back seet to get more room. This is not as easy at is looks. I then cut all the peices for the main frame. I used 16guage 1 1/2 inch square tubing. I got the beginning of the frame welded...
  6. Decoy Forum
    Time to paint decoys for next season....starting with the bluebills A friend of mine carved this one for me and i updated the paint on it
  7. Classifieds
    I have a nice digital camera for sale. Along with everything a person needs to start taking pics. There is nothing wrong with this camera it is in great condition 9/10. $700 o.b.o Olympus E 510 18-42mm lens 40-150mm lens UV filter Battery/Charger USB cord Software Memory card Bag Also have...
  8. Field Hunting
    Headed on up to ND with a friend to hunt with a buddy up there. Ended up with 35 over the 3 days of hunting. Just a couple pics for you all! Thanks Joe!
  9. Outdoor Photography
    A few sunsets that I captured while out on the farm chasing around the combine. Has to been one of the best times of year to capture sunsets with all the dust in the air. When shooting scenes like these below, shooting in RAW is very valuable I believe to allow you some adjustability. It is...
  10. The Lodge
    Totally off the hunting subject and I'm not happy about it. I thought I was going to be buying a duck boat tonight but I ended up trying to fix the girl friends car. She has a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am SE with 31,000 mi on it. I ran into this security light - passlock - security system issue that...
  11. Waterfowl Calls & Calling Forum
    Hey guys, I am just getting into waterfowl hunting and was wondering what you would recommend for a beginner caller. Looking for something maybe even with a DVD to show me how it is done since I have never gone before. Thanks for your input.
  12. The Lodge
    > I know that I sent this out before, but here it is again. You need to let your State Senators and Representatives know how you feel on this and whether you will vote for them to be re-elected if they pass this type of legislation. > > > Nobody can sell any ammunition after June 30, 2009] > > >...
  13. The Lodge
    Business. as some of you know I have for the last 5 years drove draft horses in the fall and winter for sleigh and hay rides. Well every year the man gets more of a jerk. He doesn't take care of his animals and runs them not knowing their limits and I'm tired of keeping him from getting sued...
  14. The Lodge
    I am going to buy those cheap lawn ornament Flamingos from Wal MArt from now on.
  15. The Lodge
    You know I've been at this Snow Goose Hunting thing for a while now and I've been through my ups and downs. To be honest with you, in the beginning, my biggest problem that held me back and frustratedme was not having a simple plan of action to follow. You know, I really didn't know where to...
1-15 of 15 Results