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  1. The Lodge
    Anyone ever had a pet squirrel? The neighbors went for a walk last week and a little squirrel followed them a block, when they reached a busy street they picked it up so it would not get run over. They brought it home, and all the neighborhood kids played with it for an hour or two. The...
  2. Taxidermy Forum
    I don't take in but about a couple of these a year but they sure do make nice mounts. This one was shot with a bow so I had two huge broadhead holes to sew up.
  3. The Lodge
    SQUIRREL hunting tips When hunting squirrels, look for large-trunked trees near a food source. Larger trees offer better protection from predators and are favorite den sites. Gray squirrels are found throughout Wisconsin Look for mast-producing trees such as walnut, butternut, oak, and...
  4. The Lodge
    DES MOINES - The 2008-09 hunting seasons for cottontail rabbits and fox and gray squirrels will open on August 30. Cottontail rabbit numbers are up about 50 percent from last year, and roadside surveys found the population generally increased across the western two-thirds of Iowa, while it...
1-4 of 4 Results