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  1. The Lodge
    I know a few of you guys bowfish so check it out! Join us for the Bowfishing Association of Iowa’s 2012 kickoff banquet! Where: Sleep Hollow Sports Park Banquet Hall, Des Moines Iowa When: March 10th, 2012 @ 5pm Why: For bowfishermen/women and their families to celebrate the sport and learn...
  2. Turkey Forum
    I'm not new to turkey hunting but I wouldn't quite call myself more than an amateur for turkey hunting. However, while hunting geese and duck I found a spot with a lot of Turkeys, so I figured I would give it a go this spring. It will be shotgun unless I cant get one during the season I choose...
  3. Waterfowl Q & A
    I am considering attempting Spring Snow Goose hunting on water, I was thinking of the Ingham/High Lake area. Any thoughts, ideas on decoy #s. The Ingham/High lakes located in NW Iowa and are protected area for Canada Geese however other waterfowl may be harvested there. My thought was if I could...
  4. Vendor Deals
    It's that time of year again! The snow has begun to fall. The Season has come to an end or soon will in your area. Well Gentleman I say dont pack that gun away! Get them knee highs out! Pack them bibs and coat. Goose and Duck Smackers is going to offer a mid week special for all three of...
  5. The Lodge
    I went out pheasent hunting today it a t-shirt...on thanksgiving. What the h£ll. I have been seeing post from guys on the rivers doing good, but me in the middle of the state might be putting my gear in storage
  6. Outdoor Photography
    Even without the hunting season going on, I'm still trying to find time to get out the camera and take some images. With no ducks & geese to shoot over the decoys, I've switched to flowers, golf course and fireworks. Below are some of the photographs that I've taken the past few weeks/months...
  7. Outdoor Photography
    Panoramic view from my backyard for the summer Thanks for looking!
  8. Gun Dog Forum
    If you get a chance and would like to see some good dog work or would like to throw some ducks :D you can come out to Chichaqua near Elkhart this Friday thru Sunday (May 13-15).
  9. Ducks Unlimited
    April 9, the Big Marsh Ducks Unlimited Chapter will be hosting the annual spring banquet at the Parkesburg Vets Building. I have posted up most the information on the calendar on this site. Tickets will not be sold after April 2nd. We have a special green wing table for kids prizes, along...
  10. The Lodge
    Turn your clocks forward!
  11. Snow Goose Reports & Information
    Spring Snow Goose Outfitter Info - RJM Guiding & Outfitting Waterfowl Hunting in Saskatchewan, Canada. Fully Guided Spring Snow Goose Hunts. Outfitter Ryan Marsh chases spring snows for 30 days each spring and runs a minimum of 60 days guiding in...
  12. Snow Goose Reports & Information
    Spring Snow Goose Outfitter Info - Black Duck Outfitters Spring Snow Goose Hunts with Black Duck Outfitters Guided Waterfowl Hunting Outfitter and Guides in Manitoba Canada and Maryland for Canada Geese, Snow Geese, Puddle Ducks, Diving...
  13. Fishing Forum
    Its getting to be that time of the year and bowfishing for carp will be in full swing. I usually do not eat many of them so if there is anyone in southeast iowa area that would like some free carp just give me a pm or an email.
  14. Snow Goose Reports & Information
    Spring Snow Goose Outfitter Info - Northern Skies Outfitters Spring Snow Goose Hunting Join Northern Skies Outfitters for spring snow goose hunting in South Dakota, Missouri, or Nebraska. This is a one of a kind, unforgettable spring snow goose...
  15. Snow Goose Reports & Information
    Spring Snow Goose Outfitter Info - Nebraska Outdoor Experience The Nebraska Outdoor Experience Welcome to Nebraska Outdoor Experience. We are very excited to be offering some of the Best Hunting opportunities in the Midwest!! We will be hunting the...
  16. Snow Goose Reports & Information
    Spring Snow Goose Outfitter Info - Goose and Duck Smackers Guide Service We take an enormous amount of pride in providing you with a guided waterfowl hunt that we know is the best offered today. We have compiled many years of experience in guiding snow...
  17. The Lodge
    Son and I have been getting our MudBuddy Rigs ready for our annual decoy search. We have our search areas mapped out and were just waitng for a 14' river stage with ice free back waters and flooded islands. Have had several people call us to be notified when we get decoys home so they can look...
  18. The Lodge
    Just was wanting to see some good fishing pics if anyone had any, up load em and share!!! I'm bored at work... :shock: Here's some pics from some old fishing days (of course I'm pretty much a bass fisherman).
  19. Snow Goose Reports & Information
    Spring Snow Goose Outfitter Info - Show Me Snow Geese Video - (Cannot copy info from the site, copy function disabled on site)
  20. The Lodge
    Can't wait for spring!!! Need to pull the trigger again. Heres a video we shot in 07'....should get the blood bumping.
1-20 of 63 Results