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  1. Decoy Forum
    How many sleeper decoys do you put in your late season canada spread in water and in the field??? Just curious as to what everyone uses.
  2. Field Hunting
    Just curious if anyone uses these in their spreads. Thought about getting a couple and giving it a try.
  3. Decoy Forum
    Five Fantastic Duck Spreads from DU
  4. Waterfowl Q & A
    What does everyone's snow goose spread consist of, include your ecaller (if you have one), a break down of you decoys, and what cd is in your ecaller. I will start it off 11 dozen sillosocks 5 dozen northwinds Homemade ecaller with 4 power horn speakers and Snow on the Priarie 3 This is my...
  5. Decoy Forum
    Found this today...some new ideas to try
  6. Field Hunting
    What kind of spreads do you guys use for early season and for late season? same or different? number of decoys? shapes of spreads, U's, J's, X's?
  7. Decoy Forum
    Dynamics Of Duck Decoy Spreads Summary: Many duck hunters make the mistake of setting the same decoy spread throught the season. Here's how we adapt our decoy spread through out the duck hunting season. Through out the season you should adapt your decoy spread to the situation you are...
1-7 of 8 Results