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  1. Sports Talk
  2. Fishing Forum
    Ice fishing has been slow, but the size of the fish has been making up for it.
  3. The Lodge
    oh wait I didn't get invited!!!!
  4. Conservation Forum
    For all the South Zone Hunters. If you guys seriously wish for a Teal Only Season in the south zone you better start sending out your request for such action to our Director of IDNR Fish & Wildlife & Our state Waterfowl Biologist. This action will let them know how serious you guys are about the...
  5. Conservation Forum
    Would you Support or oppose a 15 day Early September Teal Only season in the south zone? What county do you reside?
  6. The Lodge
    I found a bag of decoys in the middle of Stewart Road this morning south of Muscatine while I was on my way to Lake Odessa. If you or one of your friends lost some get ahold of me on here through a pm or 563-260-zero two seven five and I'll gladly return them if your description matches what I have.
  7. Southern Zone
    Got into a few of them Saturday morning on public in the South Zone. 3 of us killed a limit of decoying birds. 9 GWT, 5 Woodies, 4 BWT. Did see a few mallards and pintails around too. It was a fun morning. Here is a pic of my dad and my buddy with the birds and one of the pup.
  8. Southern Zone
    Well after disappointing shooting this morning I am looking forward to some redemption. Hopefully there is water in my little south zone honey hole. I found a little county conservation area that isn't listed on any websites. The last two years it has been full of mallards and woodies. A two...
  9. Southern Zone
    How'd everyone do? What a morning!! We hit a private pond, 5 guys, and ended up teaming up with 3 other guys who also had permission to hunt the same little pond, and we couldn't keep the geese away. 8 guys limited out, 16 geese in a little under 2 hours. A great example of gentleman's...
  10. Southern Zone
    Well, we showed up to our spot at about 330am and there were already a couple vehicles sitting there but they were not hunting our particular spot which we thought was good because it would keep the teal a swinging by again and again. Saw big bunches of teal get up off the big water and they...
  11. Southern Zone
    North Zone, South Zone, Mississippi Zone ... Where's a Form to talk about issues related to the unique Missouri River Valley area? 1. The area is mostly forgotten/ignored by DNR. Purposely? Eh? Tell me I am wrong. 2. The river is not like the Mississippi or the other major rivers in Iowa; it...
  12. Gun Dog Forum
    Is there anyone around the indianola area that needs someone to throw birds or anything, just lookin for people to train with around the area. I know a lot of guys go to chictaqua or however u spell it but quite frankly I don't feel like spending a tank of gas each time. I can get access to...
  13. Conservation Forum
    Once again my fellow southern zone duck hunters there are those afoot who are trying once again to move our south zone duck season dates back to line up with the same dates as the North zone. It's crazy. If you value your option of having 2 zones with different start and close dates you had...
  14. Southern Zone
    Didnt quite get as many due to some bad called shots by me but managed to pull out a couple!
  15. Southern Zone
    Had a good shoot on new years day in the cold wind. 6 man limit with 2 bands. Started out very, very slow with many birds short-stoppin us by a mile and a half to the south, then the late afternoon birds started to pour out. Hope to get one more hunt this weekend with the new birds that came...
  16. Conservation Forum
    North zone duck hunters and South zone duck hunters. Guys report your bird locations to your areas waterfowl Biologist who typically count birds. Give them some new info as to where to look when trying to count birds. Our problem is they count the same areas birds use early in the season and...
  17. Southern Zone
    After getting a few on Saturday, and thinking Sunday was gonna be great, had blind full of guys and got the skunk. Turned out today was the day and it was me, my boy, and one other guy. Done before 8 am. Never a full blind when it's on. Saw tons of ducks and quite a few bunches of geese...
  18. Southern Zone
    Well my buddies and I had plenty of shot opportunities this morning but only managed 9. We lost a couple that sailed into the reeds but over alll it was a great day in the marsh. It seemed that a lot of the ducks we saw were already well educated. I think I am going to go sit in the deer stand...
  19. The Lodge
    Just found this in the WFC Courier. Just talked to my brother he is up on our land north of Nashua and hasn't seen him yet. Would be neat to see though. If you read the article the person who wrote it doesnt know their counties very well. NW of Nashua is Floyd not Bremer...
  20. Conservation Forum
    Attn duck hunters: The Natural Resources Commission meeting will be on Thursday March 11 and will begin at 1:00 p.m. It will be held at the DNR Air Quality Building (Roosevelt Room) 7900 Hickman Rd, Windsor Heights. The agenda for this meeting and the proposed waterfowl seasons can be found...
1-20 of 28 Results