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  1. The Lodge
    Cal Wyman joins Schultz Game Calls prostaff.. He is the newest member of the prostaff. I only pic about 1 guy a year to join my prostaff and after Cal has helped me with my calls and products i asked him to join the Staff about 3 months ago.. He has been a great addition to my staff.. I...
  2. The Lodge
    You could be the one lucky person to win free hunts with the soggy bottom boys. They specialize in rabbits, *****, and crow. Sign up today and you could get that lucky phone call...
  3. The Lodge
    Wow there are alot of you guys here. Glad to have you all here as well. I take it you all must hunt around the mason area????? I have hunted south of clear lake before on some of the public potholes out in the middle of the CRP and have had some luck. Also have hunted north of Greene on the...
1-3 of 4 Results