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  1. Northern Zone
    Is that great big sumabeech all refuge?
  2. The Lodge
    Has anybody hunted Muskrat Slough?
  3. Southern Zone
    Neighbor and I went over to Bays and Lakin to scout last weekend and it doesn't look good at Lakin. They have drained it down to just a mud puddle in the middle, but it was holding alot of teal about 75 yards from the edge of the cattails. We threw few rocks into the mud and they disappeared...
  4. The Lodge
    Andalusia Slough DU is having their annual banquet on Sept 5th at 5:30pm. The banquet is being held at the Milan Community Center in Milan, IL. Tickets are $50 (dinner and DU membership) and $25 if you are already a DU member (bring card). PM me if you would like more information.
  5. Conservation Forum
    Union Slough National Wildlife Refuge is planning to remove the Buffalo Creek Dam, located on the south end of the Refuge. Interested individuals should read the draft environmental assessment and make comments by May 31...
1-5 of 5 Results