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  1. The Lodge
    Man Fired For Looking At Gun Web Sites It's not unusual for employees to be fired for browsing pornographic Web sites at work. But a Pennsylvania gun owner named Tony Jackson may have been the first person ever fired for looking at Web sites featuring gun parts. Jackson worked at a Lotus...
  2. The Lodge
    Delta Web Updates - June 24, 2009 It's official. We're now on all of the big three social networking sites. Here are the links and descriptions of the sites. Facebook - social networking site with about 30 million active users...
  3. Taxidermy Forum
    This bird belongs to MSOE, DU chapter wiwaterfowlers site will be shipping very soon. This goose belongs to DU chapter from Clay county. all our mounts will be posted in this part of the site. lee :wink:
  4. Classifieds
    To better help all of us waterfowlers find good deals, I am posting all of our state websites classifieds links on this post. Wisconsin - Illinois - Missouri -...
  5. The Lodge
    I figured I know some of you from other sites, maybe by other names and I know some of you are the same on all of them
1-5 of 8 Results