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  1. Waterfowling Stories
    I remember mine it was this year. Two green wing teal flew over the pond we were hunting. I shot the one on the left and it crumpled. We found it in the weeds. Unfortunately it was not a drake but green wing hens are still pretty cool. My second favorite was a wood duck drake I shot over...
  2. The Lodge
    I have permission to hunt a field that has been holding geese but there is guys setup in the field before the one I can hunt this morning. Do you guys think it would be worth a shot in the morning if those guys are out there this morning?
  3. Classifieds
    I have a full case of Expert 3in 4 shot and a half of a case of 3in 2 shot that I dont need. They sell for $125 a case at rogers. Id take $100 for both of them. Im in council Bluffs area
  4. The Lodge
    Seems like a pretty regular occurrence. ?? dumb. For immediate release: September 30, 2011 CHARGES FILED AFTER TRUMPETER SWAN SHOT IN WORTH COUNTY MANLY - Joshua Ray Sheckleton, 29, of rural Manly, was charged with unlawful take of a protected non-game species after shooting a trumpeter swan...
  5. The Lodge
    Well looking for someone to go with early season goose "the early city hunt "? It will be a buddy of mine, girlfriend, and myself. We have plenty of decoys. just live to far away to scout any land over there "Spencer". Just pm me if you can help us out. I know its a long shot but really...
  6. Classifieds
    hey ya'll...i'm trying to find a slightly more stable boat for my brother and i to hunt out of this only requirement is that it be able to be registered. i don't care if it needs work, but i don't have a lot of money to spend...i do have a trailer that would work for up to a 16' so it...
  7. The Lodge
    I pulled random samples from manufacturing. Please tell me what you guys think. Thanks
  8. Classifieds
    I have a yellow Field Proven Shot Caller for sale. Less than 1 year old and never been hunted with. Asking $90 shipped to your door. I can send pics to an email upon request if u r serious about buying. Thanks
  9. The Lodge
    I'm gonna start watching for some after season deals on steel shot. I was just wondering what everyone's favorite shot size is for decoyed geese with ducks mixed in a field situation. I have always shot 3" #3s for ducks over decoys. Would #2s in a 3" be enough for size xl northern honkers...
  10. Deer Forum
    So after sitting in the stand for 2 weeks all day long we finallly got a nice buck to come in and got video footage of it. We pushed the time and day to the wire.. shot at 5:25 on the last night of season wich is 25 minutes before it ended..would of had 12 points if it didnt break a few...
  11. The Lodge
    4 Greenheads, 1 Drake Can, and a Drake Ringer. Would have really ended on a good note if I would have planted the Drake Redhead I shot at but sent him sailing instead. After dealing with ducks that won't leave the refuge and about zero migrators on Tuesday I figured if I don't see migrators...
  12. The Lodge
    I bought a 20 guage O/U earlier this year for doves and upland hunting, but have decided that I would like to take it out teal season and possibly some easy hunts this year where it wont get banged around a lot...thats what my gold is for. I was looking Brileys website and was looking at...
  13. The Lodge
    Going thru some old photos... early 80's I'm the only one of this group that's not hunting up in "Waterfowl Heaven"
  14. The Lodge
    Man who shot mountain lion unapologetic January 16, 2010 Goebel's first shot missed. The lion didn't move. The second shot was true, and the animal eventually fell. Cedar Rapids, Ia. - Ray Goebel stubs out his cigarette and hands over a fistful of photographs of the dead mountain lion draped...
  15. The Lodge
    Why one would eat this duck instead of takeing it to the taxidermist is behond me??? AHH HEMM Finally came across a picture of one on the net, never heard of them up till a couple months ago. Anyone got a guess?
  16. The Lodge
    Mountain Lion Shot Near Marengo DES MOINES - A mountain lion was shot near Marengo, Monday afternoon, by a deer hunter participating in Iowa’s second shotgun season. Raymond Goebel, Jr., of Cedar Rapids, was hunting with a group, 4 miles southwest of Marengo. The group had decided to...
  17. The Lodge
    what's the most ducks/geese anyone has shot or witnessed in one shot? Heard a lot of people getting 2 ducks in one shot but any stories of more.
  18. The Lodge
    We are a newly open store in Mason City. We are looking for prostaff people. Here is the deal you pay $500.00 take me on hunts and you are on the prostaff. I will have links to other people sights with my pic photo shopped in soon. Thanks and cant wait to hear from you. I will supply fresh baked...
  19. Gun Rack
    Deal on Hevi shot , I don't use it but looks like a good deal.
  20. Big Game Forum
1-20 of 45 Results