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  1. The Lodge
    8th Grade Shop Class at their best.
  2. Gun Rack
    Has anybody ever heard of Bromley's Gun Shop in Plymouth IA?? My gun is in the shop and if the news I get back isn't good I am looking at buying a new gun asap. Bromley's is selling a S&W 1000 12 gauge online and thought I might give it a try. I'm averaging a fubar gun per season so thought...
  3. The Lodge
    BLIND CLERK AT BASS PRO SHOP A Portly Woman goes into Bass Pro Shop to buy a rod and reel for her grandson's birthday. She doesn't know which one to get so she just grabs one and goes over to the counter. A Bass Pro Shop associate is standing there wearing dark shades. She says, 'Excuse me...
  4. Fishing Forum
    WI online bait shop, waxies and spikes, shipping is free per the website. We have purchased bait from these guys before, I thought it was a good price........ (Press next on the bottom of the page of the link to view different size lots and prices)...
  5. The Lodge
    Grand View Topless Coffee Shop Burns Down. (what a shame, I heard they had good cinnamon rolls.) Things got a little hotter than usual at a controversial topless coffee shop in Maine last month when an arsonist burned it to the ground, authorities said. Maine’s Fire Marshal’s office is...
  6. Taxidermy Forum
    Birds from wi,Il, and Iowa.. the deer are a uncle and nephew hunt shot near Sanborn.. the upland group belongs to PF, dispaly mount. lee :wink:
  7. Taxidermy Forum
    Finished these mounts up today............
1-7 of 11 Results