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  1. The Lodge
    Man the birds are moving through and STACKING up out here in Nebraska. We shot A LOT of geese this past weekend. Mainly geese but shot a few ducks as well. We were targeting geese mostly. We cycled A LOT of guys out of our pt on Sunday! 60 geese in 2 days :). Pics to come prolly later today!
  2. The Lodge
    I hear a lot of guys talk about shooting limits and it seems like a lot of people are pissed off or disappointed if they don't. Just curious who all measures the success of their hunt by the limit standard?
  3. Classifieds
    Three pairs that are new $35.00 for all three TYD
  4. The Lodge
    Man Charged With Shooting Pair Of Swans POSTED: 11:37 am CST November 9, 2010 UPDATED: 12:11 pm CST November 9, 2010 MASON CITY, Iowa -- The Iowa Department of Natural Resources officials said Tuesday that a Mason City man has been charged with shooting a pair of trumpeter swans. Johnny...
  5. The Lodge
    i love the laugh at the end
  6. The Lodge
    Well after spending 3 days at home hunting with my dad, it became very apparent that i wasn't shooting nearly as well as i did earlier in the season. I don't really have an explanation for it, but sometimes I get into a mid season slump where it feels like I cant hit the broad side of a barn...
  7. The Lodge
    Some nutcase went into a civic center today that was giving tests to become citisens and killed 12 to 15 and wounded around 26 more and then killed himself the news sad
  8. Outdoor Photography
    Took the wife so she could get some awesome pics today, notice some of them are sporting a little jewelry
  9. The Lodge
    i went ice fishing at badger creek the other day. we only got a few here and there but they were shooting a movie called "No way out". its supposed to be about a lady and her 2 kids and how there trying to escape south dakota and go to canada. but they were shooting the movie and they had a...
  10. The Lodge
    theres a good discussion over on IO about shooting hours...of course its getting typically IO ugly, but what is everyones thoughts? should we only be allowed to hunt till 2p in Iowa on the marshes? would it help? i'm torn, but think its an idea that could use some good discussion. is there a...
  11. The Lodge
    I think we need to check our gun barrels.... :? :?
  12. Gun Rack
    Banner Shooting Range to Host Three Days of Competition Posted: August 26, 2008 The Banner Shooting Range at Summerset State Park is hosting two events on Sept. 5, 6 and 7 that are open to shooters of all skill levels. The range will host a pistol shooting competition on Sept. 5, from 3 to 7...
1-12 of 15 Results