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  1. Hunting Gear
    I purchased a 6X9 enclosed yesterday and am looking for insight on how to set it up. I think I have an idea on how I want to set it up to fit my field spread (shelving on front and one side), but am open to any other ideas. How many flood lights do you use? Another thing do you run your floods...
  2. Predator Hunting & Trapping
    Well If you read my post about scouting ducks the other day down south I was doing more then looking for ducks I was setting traps water mostly ***** havent really primed up yet but i have 17 road killed ones skinned and I remember when everyone picked up road kills. I couldnt...
  3. The Lodge
    Is the Iowa DNR doing a good job on setting the waterfowl seasons from year to year?? (Home page poll test :D , odvious question, just want to make sure it links from forum to home page and comes in visible) (Must be logged in to take poll)
1-3 of 3 Results