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    1) Avery Midsize 6 slotted goose bag-$30 2) Avery Honker 6 slotted goose bag-$30 3) 2 dozen GHG over size shell decoys. Comes with stakes and head and extra black duck shell and head. Used on 2 new! $80 a dozen or $150 for both. All decoys are in same condition as this one...
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    I have an old 9.9 hp motor i am looking to sell/trade. i want a 15 hp or mudd motor. Anyone in need of a 9.9. it does run fine. And does anyone have a 15 ph mudd motor or smaller.
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    Tom Hicks has agreed to sell the Texas Rangers to a group that includes Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan. The sides announced Saturday night that they had finally reached an agreement, eight days after a 30-day exclusive negotiating window expired. The group is headed by Pittsburgh sports...
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    I am cleaning out some decoys that I no longer use, first I have 6 42 inch Carry-Lite goose shells. 2nd 13 Carry-Lite one piece shells along with 2 Flambeau goose shells that can be used as floaters or in the field and one G&H feeder shell. Would sell all 22 goose decoys for $90 buyer would have...
1-4 of 4 Results