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  1. The Lodge
    I don't want my wife to know or she'll find work for me to
  2. Deer Forum
    i got alot of pics of this buck during the 09 bow season and but could never get him within 50yds to get a real good look at him. then it was a tough choice if i would take him or not. Well im glad i never took a shot because tonight after not seeing him at all last year i seen him. And hes a...
  3. The Lodge
    Couple pics from past seasons My brother and his son
  4. The Lodge
    DES MOINES – The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is hosting a public meeting to discuss a number of new proposed regulations including changes to waterfowl seasons, and the antlerless deer season quotas. The meeting will be conducted over the Iowa Communications Network (ICN) on...
  5. Conservation Forum
    Take a look at how Iowa has set their season dates in Iowa historically. Scroll down til ya hit the season dates and times. Starts on page 81.
  6. The Lodge
    Just curious what turkey seasons everyone is choosing. Im going to go 2nd and 4th seasons. With this crazy April weather Im curious to see what the birds do. This seems to be the same story as last year.
  7. The Lodge
    Alright guys - some of you received this via email, but for those of you that didn't, if you agree, please cut and paste the following letter into an email and send it on to the Natural Resource Commission. PLEASE add in your own thoughts and comments and a personalized letter has much more of...
  8. Conservation Forum
    To assure your getting your point out to everyone involved in this process please make sure you are sending your emails to the following. Guy Zenner Head Waterfowl Biologist Dale Garner WB Chief Rest are JR and Myself as well as the Natural Resource Commission NRC (The elected folks who have...
  9. Conservation Forum
    The proposed seasons to be presented to the Natural Resources commission can be seen at: ducks: north zone: 19 through September 23 and October 10 through December 3. south zone: September 19 through September 23 and October 17 through December 10...
  10. Turkey Forum
    Youth Season: Apr 10 - 12 (IA residents only) Combination Gun/Bow: Season 1: Apr 13 - 16 Season 2: Apr 17 - 21 Season 3: Apr 22 - 28 Season 4: Apr 29 - May 17 Archery: Apr 13 - May 17 (IA residents only) Bag Limit: Daily bag and season possession limit isone bearded or male wild turkey for...
  11. Deer Forum
    DES MOINES - As Iowa's largest group hunting season approaches hunters are encouraged to brush up on their safety and to bring a new hunter along to share the hunt and help keep the great Iowa tradition alive. Being a mentor has never been so important to the future of hunting. As the shotgun...
  12. The Lodge
    DES MOINES - The 2008-09 hunting seasons for cottontail rabbits and fox and gray squirrels will open on August 30. Cottontail rabbit numbers are up about 50 percent from last year, and roadside surveys found the population generally increased across the western two-thirds of Iowa, while it...
1-12 of 12 Results