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  1. The Lodge
    I don't get out as much as I used to, BUSY BUSY. But the quick trips make it all worth it. Sorry bout the cell phone pics, in a hurry and left the Rebel at home.
  2. Conservation Forum
    Last night I was driving around Cedar Rapids, and I don't think that I have ever seen so many geese in the air at one time. It was the same way a week ago when I went down to Des Moines. Can someone please tell me why we don't have a late urban goose season? There aren't nearly this many...
  3. Outdoor Photography
    Well like so many other Iowa'ns, this waterfowl season was tough with lack of water and mild weather and I experienced the same thing. However, I was lucky enoug h to get on some quality hunts to keep me burning gas in the truck scouting the roads in central Iowa. Here are some of the...
  4. The Lodge
    well duck seasons over for the year but now will give the geese hell.i met 4 super nice guys off here this year and took 3 of then huntin.last honk,dujmontchel,bwub had a great time guys and hope to do it again.T.Stewart hope we can get together for a hunt was a pleasure meeting...
  5. Field Hunting
    Anybody have any late season techniques that work well for decoying late season geese? We have tried 3 dozen fullbodies mixed with shells and no sucess, even tried just 3 decoys with no luck any suggestions guys? Also tried calling an not calling along with flaging.
  6. Field Hunting
    On a day like tomorrow, when do you guys go out. At shooting hours, 9:00am, or afternoon
  7. Waterfowling Stories
    In spite of limited opportunities, low water, soccer and basketball, I like to think that he had a pretty good first season as a duck hunter... ...early season, invitation from family to hunt a woodduck mecca, killed his first bird on his second shot, finished out about ten minutes later...
  8. Conservation Forum
    Would you Support or oppose a 15 day Early September Teal Only season in the Mo. Valley? What county do you reside?
  9. Conservation Forum
    Would you Support or oppose a 15 day Early September Teal Only season in the south zone? What county do you reside?
  10. Waterfowl Q & A
    Do you guys hunt Private Land, Public Land, or Hunt Clubs/Leased Land
  11. The Lodge
  12. The Lodge
    What is your personnal best for 1 season on shooting ducks in Iowa? I kept debating whether to put this up do to some may think this is a pissing contest. But then I just decided to go for it anyway. Mine was 30. 15 Mallards 8 Teal 4 Pintails 2 Shovelers 1 Hooded Meganser
  13. Turkey Forum
    So… anyone fall hunt those big birds here? i got my first 2 turkeys fall season same day but 8:30 am and 3:30 pm, if you do go, you out for longbeards or are the hens just as good shooting in fall, just curious for some fall opinions
  14. Northern Zone
    Anyone have suggestions where I could take my 11yr old son for youth season around the Vinton area. Would like to take our sneak boat we just finished building. I haven't hunted this area for at least 20 years. Is this area usually packed during regular season? We mostly hunt south of HWY 30, so...
  15. Mississippi River Zone
    We have always hunted 1st season @ Lansing and done well. We have never gone for the 2nd opener, but are thinking about it this year. Will the woodies and teal still be there or new ducks - gadwall, mallards???? Do you still hunt the small backwaters, or go to bigger water?? P.S. Really like...
  16. Southern Zone
    One of our spots has always been a good wood duck hole. This year is no exception plenty of ducks. Started noticing that I believe there is a bunch of ducks that can't fly. Had 3 swim in and tried to jump and shoot didn't get up just started swimming towards the reeds. Never did jump even after...
  17. Gear Giveaways
    HERE IS THE RUNDOWN! Up for grabs is a G&H STANDARD STATIONARY BLUE WING TEAL 6 PACK FOR...... How to Enter.... While you are out and about this Iowa Early Duck Season, make sure to bring some sort of image collecting devise. Turn said...
  18. The Lodge
    Started the waterfowl season off with a big boom! Shot a 4 man limit of teal today in 30 min out here in Nebraska. Tons of teal! Great hunt :D:D
  19. Gun Rack
    I was cleaning out my gun safe tonight and I was thinking about all the tradition and the years of hunting the guns in my safe have seen. Both my Granddad hunted, I ended up with both of their guns and a couple of my great grandfathers guns. Not to mention my first gun to my latest. A5...
1-19 of 200 Results