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  1. The Lodge
    Lucky # 793 logged lifetime dead duck for Doug results in first federal banded duck. Have shot 2 private banded mallards and was wanting a federal mallard band way bad. Quite the suprise for me today when I rolled over the greenhead! Banded in August this year basically as far north you can go...
  2. The Lodge
    STOP beating them :) lol.
  3. The Lodge
    so i got a giftcard to cabelas for my 30th birthday and i was searching high and low for some good deals...unfortunately i found that my local cabelas had literally cut its inventory in half. it sucks in the long run, but they did have some cool stuff in the bargain cave that was being cleared...
  4. Turkey Forum
    I scored my first turkey this morning and it was a great hunt. I learned from Knobbers last year that if the turkey won't come to you, go to him. My wife and I set up this morning where we had seen a tom fly down out of his roost yesterday morning. Well, he roosted a little further...
  5. Turkey Forum
    Pretty tough down south this year, things seem so far along already down there real green. I don't think we had near as many toms to work with either. Anyhow here goes Friday got hened to death, no toms would play. Saturday morning had a good idea toms were using a fenceline 100yds from the...
  6. Turkey Forum
    Al with his trophy. Al and Ross Ross' Trophy
  7. Turkey Forum
    Shot my first Archery turkey this year. Shot him on Tuesday. Should have had one Monday but he was fighting with a jake and wouldnt stay still long enough! there were 8 different birds strutting in the field and he was the closest! All I can say is I dont wanna hunt turkeys any other way now...
  8. Turkey Forum
  9. The Lodge
    well today was a new field that i have been watching the birds pile into.. We took a new guy and me and Mikie teamed up on a collar!!! :D :D I left both bands on this one even though the leg band is thin :lol: :lol: :wink: This one was banded in Ontario in 1997 !!!! Second oldest band...
  10. Deer Forum
    Here are the pictures of the nice little 6 point buck that my wife shot this afternoon. 35 yard head shot looking right at us. We were inside a Tent blind and the deer walked up from the side and just couldn't figure out what we were. This is the second deer she has shot in the head with her 20...
  11. Big Game Forum
    Guys I have been hunting my butt off the last few weeks and i hunted Indiana for the gun season.. I finally got this nice buck today while hunting on my uncles 120 acres.. he has 25 scorable points and over 30 total.. im guessing he might gross in the high 160's... i wont know till i get a tape...
  12. Deer Forum
    well the rut is getting on and the bucks are moving good.. this one was rattled and grunted in and shot at 7:30 in the morning.. !! :D
1-12 of 12 Results