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  1. The Lodge
    well today was a new field that i have been watching the birds pile into.. We took a new guy and me and Mikie teamed up on a collar!!! :D :D I left both bands on this one even though the leg band is thin :lol: :lol: :wink: This one was banded in Ontario in 1997 !!!! Second oldest band...
  2. The Lodge
    Cal Wyman joins Schultz Game Calls prostaff.. He is the newest member of the prostaff. I only pic about 1 guy a year to join my prostaff and after Cal has helped me with my calls and products i asked him to join the Staff about 3 months ago.. He has been a great addition to my staff.. I...
  3. Big Game Forum
    Guys I have been hunting my butt off the last few weeks and i hunted Indiana for the gun season.. I finally got this nice buck today while hunting on my uncles 120 acres.. he has 25 scorable points and over 30 total.. im guessing he might gross in the high 160's... i wont know till i get a tape...
  4. Classifieds
    Have a bone crusher for sale here its coke bottle, in good shape $40 Ill pay the shipping.
  5. Deer Forum
    well the rut is getting on and the bucks are moving good.. this one was rattled and grunted in and shot at 7:30 in the morning.. !! :D
  6. Big Game Forum
    well this is the buck Fergie killed last night and i killed a smaller 11 pointer tonight... my pics didnt turn out right so i will take more tomorrow... shot his with a crossbow and i shot mine with my compound..
  7. The Lodge
    Had to buy this to put all of our bigfoots in this year... camo was allmost as much as my decoys but this is like a laydown blind kinda.. need to get the sunroof to open more so we can shoot out of it... :lol:
  8. The Lodge
    guys this is a prototype of my new lanyard im doing now. they are put together with a new way to keep your calls safe and to keep them from hitting while hunting.they are not wraped on the connection so they will never break apart( I lost calls this way once!! :( ) This is a few pics of it with...
  9. Outdoor Photography
    guys here are a few pics of some of the geese at my house and some of the stuff we do....FISH !!! This goose thinks he is a flamingo... goose landing This is one of the first groups coming in. Tucker with a Bass... more to come...
  10. The Lodge
    Got word today during work that Tim's father in law passed away this morning from cancer. I was told by Tim he went into a coma this past weekend. So if you could throw a good word in for Tim and his wife Jamie and their family. I know my thoughts are already headed that way.
  11. The Lodge
    Well these pics pretty much sum it up..... It was awesome!!!! Killed limits of birds and to top it off Tim went and made me a beautiful cocobola goose call tonight before I left. I will get pics of it up tomorrow. What a great group of guys. Glad I got on the staff. Here are some pics...
  12. The Lodge
    I got mine today, well worth the wait. This IMHO is one of the best sounding call's on the market. Not to mention a great looking and feeling call. It has great high end good low end, and I got it for $55. I highly recommend you pick one up.
  13. The Lodge
    Well my brother recieved his call today in the mail, an ivory E1. As far as looks go this call is very very nice to just look at, and very well made. Sounds awesome also, hes only had it for an afternoon and is getting the hang of this call really quick. I have had a pm into Tim for over a week...
  14. The Lodge
    What a great way to end the week. I get home and there is a package from Tim. It has the goose call I ordered the E1. I have the E2 and like it so much I thought I would order the E1. As to my expectations it sounds just as good as the E2. Also in the package I ordered was one of his duck...
  15. The Lodge
    this is a little bit of our latest duck hunting.. It is just a little bit if the dvd i'm putting out in the spring of 09'.. tell me what you think about it.. thanks, Tim
1-15 of 16 Results