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  1. Gun Rack
    I took my SBE bolt to scheels to get a new extractor, I was planning on buying the part and doing it myself but the gunsmith said he would take care of it quick. After standing there 45 mins while he beat on it (the wrong direction) he handed it back and said that it was not going to come out...
  2. Decoy Forum
    Went to our local scheels and was looking at their waterfowl stuff and my brother was talking to me about some dakota floaters, talking to him about it, price was 179.99 a week ago price...... 99.99 for 6, wow thats a awesome price, to bad they went back up..... scheels guy "i match that price"...
  3. The Lodge
    Anyone know whats gonna be on sale this year there? I thought they would have had the ad posted on there website already but they dont.
  4. The Lodge
    Sioux City Scheels Waterfowl Festival It will be on August 6th from 9:30 - 5:00. The dock Dogs dog jumping event will be there open to the public. There will be over 30 vendors including: Avery, Dakota Decoys, Tanglefree, Rig em' Rite, Heavy Haulers, Put Hut, Tritronics, Sport Dog, Zink, RNT...
  5. The Lodge
    Does anyone know what size of snowcover fits the Scheels layout blinds??? I didn't know if needed a finisher or groundforce or what. Also....Does anyone make Khaki/brown covers for camo blinds???
  6. Hunting Gear
    This might be a stupid question but i dont wana order the wrong one. I was wondering which snow cover I need for my scheels blind. I know its made by avery so its either the finisher or ground force but not sure which one it is. Thanks for your help
  7. Classifieds
    I have 150 dollars worth of Scheels gift cards. Would sell them for 140 dollars. PM me if ya want them. I am wanting some new waders but Scheels doesn't carry the brand I want.
  8. Hunting Gear
    Hey Guys, just wanted to pass this along. I bought two baby mojos at Scheels in Des Moines this weekend. Great Price $39.95. Im sure if your not around Des Moines, any other Scheels would match the price if they don't have them at that price.
  9. The Lodge
    Granted this has not been the best year for the birds, but if you want any decoys and or a layout blind I would look at scheels right now. I picked up a new layout blind reg. price 199 for $119 with extra hat and flag. Also picked up some Avery goose shells for $69 a dozen. They also have some...
  10. Decoy Forum
    I was in Iowa City yesterday and walked around Scheels a little bit. They have 6-pk GHG FB mallards w/bag for $69.99, usually $129.99. They have feeders and actives I believe. They also had the GHG mallard shell decoys for $69.99 also, normally $129.99. That's the only sales I saw. That's...
  11. The Lodge
    Anyone see this in the paper this morning??? Looks to be some good buys. Winchester xpert loads 3 inch for 7.99 and 3.5 for 11.99 scheels layout blind for 149.99 looks to me like a finisher. camo gun case for 7.50 black cloud 3 inch for 17.99 and 3.5 for 19.99 Those were the ones that...
  12. Gun Rack
    Has anyone been to any of the scheels since yesterday??? Guess the sale was suppose to start yesterday. 7.99 for 3 inch and 10.99 for 3 1/2 inch xpert steel.
  13. Hunting Gear anyone used one of these...says its made by avery? good price if thats true...
  14. Decoy Forum
    Scheels at Jordan Creek is closing out all of their G&H decoys. The guy that helped me said they won't be carrying G&H decoys any longer. So they're just trying to get rid of the rest of them. They have a few dozen magnum G&H canada shells left and also a few boxes of the "M4" hen mallards...
  15. The Lodge
    My wife conned me into going to Jordan Creek last night so I finally gave in and thought "what the heck, I can go to Scheels" WHAT A DISSAPOINTMENT The waterfowl section consisted of a handul of decoys, 2 layout blinds, 2 blind bags and a few calls. Wal Mart has a bigger waterfowl section. I...
1-15 of 15 Results