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  1. Snow Goose Reports & Information
    Hey guys, we had some things fall through with our snow goose hunting. Me and a buddy are headed over to Council Bluffs tonight, planning on doing some snow goose hunting. We have 2000+ dekes, we have our layout blinds, E callers, full 9 yards, but now we don't have a for sure place to hunt...
  2. Decoy Forum
    Guys found these tonight. This is a great price.
  3. Sports Talk
    Division 2 National Championship game will be on at 12:00 tomarrow on espn 2, the northwest bearcats are playing the champ. game for the 4th year in a row, everybody root them on the win it this year, as a former bearcat football player i cant wait to see them win this one, for the last three...
  4. Southern Zone
    Dave Smith's in the fog the view from my blind Gunner patiently waiting
  5. Mississippi River Zone
    A friend asked me Fri. if he could bring a Buddies son when we went sat. he said hes never gone before. I said I'd be happy to take a kid on his first trip out. We left late because I didn't want to deal with 9million gung-ho hot rods at the boat ramp on opening morning or introduce Brad to the...
1-5 of 5 Results