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  1. Sad

    The Lodge
  2. The Lodge
    I was out scouting tonight down by Hartford when I came across a dead goose laying on the road. I checked it out and it had been cleaned. Then I look up in the farmers field and there's 2 more laying in the field. How freaking hard is it to take the geese home and clean them instead of leaving...
  3. The Lodge
    I normally don't post personal things on the site but kinda felt like this place was the appropriate spot for this and I haven't really even talked to anyone since We got a call on Thursday that my father's health was failing fast and would not last much longer. We all made it to his side...
  4. The Lodge
    Tim Peterson Inverntor of Goose Magnet Decoys Passed away.,1976.msg2717.html#msg2717
  5. The Lodge
    A couple hours ago my neighbors came to the door and told me my dog got hit. I guess she jumped the fence in our back yard something she just learned how to do today because this is the first time she has gotten out. She then went down by main street and got ran over by a semi
  6. The Lodge
  7. Gun Dog Forum
    After having to put 2 of my Chesapeake Bay retrievers down on opening day of Early Goose(Sat) I didn't know if I really wanted to hunt this fall. but Sunnday morning came and Chuck told told me Sierra and Tripod would want this. So got up and half heartedly got ready. Got decoys set and in came...
1-7 of 7 Results