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  1. Classifieds
    I have 6 GHG Pro Grade FB's for sale with a six slot bag from Roger's Sporting Goods. I will post pictures when I get home tonight. These decoys are approximately 2 years old, but they have not been used a lot. They are in good condition. I would like to get $125 out of them. The dekes were...
  2. Sports Talk
    With McGwire admitting steroid use, Bonds juiced, Maris the single season home run king again, legitimately?? My opinion, he is....... Will Bud Selig have the balls to correct the record??? Mark McGwire admits using steroids when he broke home run record...
  3. Decoy Forum I bought one of these last week for 49.99 w/ free shipping now they are on sale for 41.99!!! Besides having the plastic wings I think this is a pretty good buy for us beginners.
  4. The Lodge
    Fast approaching, I know a few of you that are going, anyone else making the haul? Cody O. and Kurt have been hitting it hard and will open up some eyes in the Novice hopefully! I hope the Roger's Open Duck will have some older guys like Trey Crawford and John Stephens competing. I know Jody...
1-4 of 4 Results