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  1. Southern Zone
    Didnt have a bad day today down around the Riverton area. We killed 9 ducks 5 min after shooting time and had 1 more come in at around 10. Ended the day with 10 ducks and I honker
  2. Southern Zone
    I've been to Riverton looking around a couple times in the past month but did not hunt the early season. Wondering what the guys who hunted the early opener thought of the conditions. I see the DNR habitat conditions report states the water is near crest levels but it appears to be low water...
  3. Southern Zone
    Did anyone hit Riverton for the early opener
  4. The Lodge
    Any body been hunting down south? Saw a few thousand mallards at Forneys
  5. The Lodge
    A buddy and I are heading down to Riverton the middle of next week and niether of us has been there before, any pointers?
  6. Southern Zone
    Me and some buddies come down to riverton every year for a week and do some duck hunting on the water. We are looking to get into a field. Can anybody help or trade a hunt or something. We have never killed ducks in a field.
  7. Southern Zone
    Has anyone been down to riverton to check out he water level or duck Numbers????
  8. Snow Goose Reports & Information
    There used to be a phone # on the DNR's website that had a recording for the bird counts and conditions at Riverton. Does anyone know what the number is. I cant find it anywhere.[/u]
  9. Snow Goose Reports & Information
    was thru riverton wma today.ALL WETLANDS have been drained. was told this was done in anticipation of flood waters from the Nishnabotna rivers.
  10. Southern Zone
    Riverton is going to be extremely tough hunting. The report of the weeds being tall and thick is no joke. Shoot a duck run and get it as soon as it drops. If you do not mark your bird it will be near impossible to find. Not many ducks were flying last night saw maybe 100 birds most were BWTs.
  11. Southern Zone
    Anyone know the deal out at Riverton? Is it possible to get a boat out there? Is there any cover? Is it icing over? Any good walk in spots? A buddy and me will be heading down there to get a quick duck hunt in before 1st deer shotgun and I would like to know what the conditions are like. Last...
  12. The Lodge
    I lost a Heavy Hauler lanyard, blue Buck Brush and a Diamond wood spit-fire somewhere around the boat ramps. If anybody has any info, ill do whatever to get it back. Thanks
  13. Southern Zone
    Waterfowl hunters considering these two areas will find improved conditions considering the spring floods and weather conditions since. DNR officials recently (really did) over flew Riverton and Forney; their photos reveal favorable water levels and open areas -- at Forney, even in the east...
  14. Southern Zone
    Hey Guys just an update on riverton they still have the south road going into the refuge closed.I walked into the refuge tonight and the black top is a mess its all cracked and half the road is gone.Its this way all the way to the boat ramp.However the road coming in from the east by the look...
  15. New Member Introductions
    Hi all!!!! New guy from riverton iowa.I live right in town so ill be a good one to ask about the hunting and activity this fall.I will try to keep everyone informed on bird numbers as the season gets here.I hunt everyday with my wife, father and my 6 year old daughter.So if any body has any...
1-15 of 15 Results