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  1. Conservation Forum
    To Save a River in Peril By Mo. River wjs Over 67 years ago the lower Mo. River that passes through Iowa & Nebraska was struck by the 1st Army Corps of Engineers Navigational Barge Dredge bucket in what many call the Flood Control Act of 1944. It was a futuristic plan that some had hoped would...
  2. Conservation Forum
    To all the tax payers who will read this, YOUR HELP is seriously needed to send a clear message to Iowa leadership in Washington DC over the recovery of the Great 2011 Mo. River Flood. Flood Control, Flood Mitigation, Flood Prevention and Flood Recovery should be the focus of spending of tax...
  3. Conservation Forum
    Economists find Missouri River barging has few economic benefits December 1999 U.S. Water News Online WASHINGTON -- A report by the leading agricultural transportation economists in Kansas and Nebraska has found that commercial barging on the Missouri River provides only miniscule economic...
  4. Gear Giveaways
    Folks! We have a bundle of stuff to giveaway! One River Bottom Duck Call 6 Pack of G&H Teal Decoys A Bag of Puddleset Decoy Anchors The rules/what you must do: You must be the last poster in this thread to win. But the catch! To win you must be the last poster for a FULL 3 hours. So...
  5. Vendor Deals
    I am not sure where to post this.... but we have been asked to organize and promote an outdoor show in Muscatine on April 21-22 of 2012. We are actively looking for manufacturers and dealers/distributors to come to the event and push their products. This is a forst time event and we hope to...
  6. The Lodge
    Quackwhacker and I hit the river this morning to try for some honkers. Set out 18 decoys and waited. Didn't wait to long and a loner came right in backwinging. Needless to say he didn't leave. About 30 min later another loner met the water as well. Saw a good number of birds but they were in one...
  7. Conservation Forum
    Missouri River Funding Battle Funding for the Missouri River Recovery Program remains largely unchanged for the rest of fiscal year 2012, which ends September 30th. In the recently passed omnibus spending bill the Missouri River Recovery Program (MRRP) received $71.43 million. The 2012...
  8. Conservation Forum
    NAWCA Grants for Restoration Enhancement of Migratory Habitat with in the Mo. River Basin? If you had to pinpoint major waterfowl and waterfowl hunting areas with in the basin that needed serious Migratory Habitat Enhancement and Restoration efforts, What would be your Top 3 choices / areas of...
  9. The Lodge
    Mo. River and Duck Report. Guys can get into some good duck hunting between the south stacks at the Coal facility and the farthest Northern stack of power generation at Port Neal Power Facility. Good numbers of ducks flying the river on the sunny days at about 1 to shooting time. On cloudy days...
  10. Conservation Forum
    If Iowa was to implement a 3rd Waterfowl Hunting Zone along the Mo. River valley, What would be your suggestions as to the Boundary lines? What County do you reside?
  11. Conservation Forum
    Attached YOU may find the most refreshing statement by the Corps on new approaches to floodplain management along the Missouri River. Some people will not appreciate the reasonableness and efficiencies of these policies; we can encourage them to look at the science behind these approaches...
  12. Decoy Forum
    I was wondering how everyone places there decoys when hunting a river blind? As of right now we have the back side plum full. The right side has a few open areas but have geese heading towards a sand bar where we have goose shells placed. Then in the front we have a U shape of duck decoys with...
  13. Waterfowl Calls & Calling Forum
    Does anyone have experience with these? I've reviewed the site a few time and I am in the market for both a duck and goose call. I love the idea of supporting an Iowa call maker, just wanting to see if anyone on here uses them and what reviews you have. Thanks!
  14. Waterfowl Q & A
    When hunting out of a boat in the Missouri River, does a Nebraska hunter need an Iowa permit if he is hunting near the banks of Iowa?
  15. The Lodge
    Someone told me that the missouri river is open to the public. I wanting to know if anyone else has hear or confirmed this. It would be great to get back on the river
  16. The Lodge
    go to click on flood photos.bad dog
  17. The Lodge
    We were out brushing up blinds over weekend, found river pretty low between Salsberry and Michun bridge. Ran aground couple times with our surface drive rigs. Any one running outboard should be really carefull, especially when running before daylight.
  18. The Lodge
    Just curious as I haven't seen much talk about the situation over there. How are the levels along the Missouri right now?
1-18 of 80 Results