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  1. The Lodge
    We lost one if the greatest college football coaches today. Rest in peace Joe Pa.
  2. The Lodge
    On Monday I had to put down my 4 yr old lab Jade. After trying everthing possible with no good results we had to make the decision which sucked. She would meet me every day at the door even when she couldn't go hunting. (I think it was because i operate a pet treat company but i could be...
  3. The Lodge
    This is the man that founded my commitment to these sets of websites. My dad loved to hunt our land in Arkansas ever since he was 12 years old. At 5:03 PM November 17, 2011 my dads heart gave out during an operation. His fight with cancer ended 2 years ago, however his body was never the same...
  4. The Lodge
    Wrapped his car around a tree, it caught on fire. I believe it was a 911 Turbo, it was completely destroyed. :/
  5. The Lodge
    A girl rurned in front of me Thursday afternoon and we hit hard. My truck hit her Explorer so hard it knocked the front axle out of her truck. My air bags didn't even deploy. I am sure my truck will be totaled the body shop called me and the total is up to 15,888.00 so far and they have started...
  6. The Lodge
    Thriller Beat It Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
1-6 of 6 Results