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  1. The Lodge
    Had wild ride to blind Wed. morning, throttle cable froze up in wide open position. Broke cable at lever barrel. Cedar ain't wide enough when making a WOT, turn trying to get back to landing. Slide the ole SeaArk 20 yds up on sand bar. Pulled safty switch cord a little to late. Bout killed this...
  2. The Lodge
    Haven't had a thread like this for awhile so lets see your ride. Here is mine. 2004 6.0 powerstroke. 89500 miles. Guess I need to get another pic of it since this one was taken when there was still snow on the ground. LOL.
  3. The Lodge
    here is CLIPPERS new hunting ride !!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: and this is my new ride!!! :D
  4. The Lodge
    We usually go on bike rides 1-2 times a week in our subdivision, kids like seeing the ducks and geese. We had an eventful one today. My smallest daughter was walking to the water and she started screaming, I thought she was stung by a bee, but it was goose poop caught in her flip flop. I laughed...
1-5 of 5 Results