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  1. The Lodge
    my brother and a buddy and myself treked to an area where some ducks have been holding some water open. we were just a little bit to far out of the flight path to run traffic, but if i had to estimate we saw well over 20k ducks. got 3 flocks to commit...the last one was well over 1k birds...
  2. The Lodge
    Hey guys, I got the Calling Classic results posted at if anyone is interested.
  3. The Lodge
    Anyone have them?? How was the show and was there a good turnout??
  4. Northern Zone
    Lets hear it boys. My guess it that is must have sucked, cause I hear nobody braging.... Just looking to hear some reports...
  5. Waterfowl Calls & Calling Forum
    Once again I would like to thank everyone who called and came out to support the event. We had a pretty good turnout for the first time. The heat was a little bit of a issue but all in all it was a good time. Thanks again and we are looking forward to growing this for next year. RESULTS Meat...
  6. The Lodge
    Iowa State Duck Place Name Hometown Call Maker 1 Mitch Downs Webster City, IA USA Echo Championship Calls 2 Rob Bevins Belle Plaine, IA USA Rich-N-Tone Duck Calls 3 Dan Oberfoell Dubuque, IA USA Echo...
  7. The Lodge
    South Dakota hunt Oct 1 to 3rd. Prairie pot holes were full of water and ducks. Should be a great year. Used 2 spinners and 5 floaters birds were in attack mode.
  8. Waterfowl Calls & Calling Forum
    Jr duck Results 1 Will Bunting 2 Will Nanney 3 Blake Hodge 4 Dan Goetz 5 Andrew Boston Judges Gary Abbott Stanwood, WA USA Rick Dunn Beebe, AR USA Buck Gardner Memphis, TN USA Charles Petty Harrisburg, AR USA Butch Richenback Stuttgart, AR USA Novice Duck Results 1 Trevor Shannahan 2 Chris...
  9. Waterfowl Calls & Calling Forum
    I copied these results off of cdc's forum. The contests are always held in Easton, Maryland and I hope to go there sometime to watch....maybe even someday compete. BIG UP's to by good buddy Cody Hopps, who is only 18 and took 4th in the World Goose. I hope to hunt with him over Christmas...
  10. Southern Zone
    Day 1: :oops: Went to a bad spot, shot 1 gwt Day 2: A lot better, went with a 4 other friends and had a pretty good shoot. 7 mallards, 7 woodies, 2 bwt, 1 gwt, 1 gadwall
  11. Southern Zone
    Day 2 surprisingly went better than expected. Besides the fact that I aggravated my back. We ended up with 12(4 mallards, 4 gwt, 3 wood ducks and 1 pintail). Could have scratched out a couple more if 2 people would've remembered to load their guns back up :roll: Packed it up at 10 today. I...
  12. Southern Zone
    Well, I have put over 350 miles on my truck the past two days scouting for duck. I went to Dunbar Slough area first and did see some teal, two groups of 30-40 way back in the weeds in one of the walk in areas. There were scattered ducks in the big basin part, but nothing to brag about. I am...
  13. The Lodge
    novice goose 1. Tyler Miller 2. Steve Albrecht 3. ??? 4. Hunter Lewis open goose 1. Big Sean 2. Steve Heston 3. Ben Edwards 4. tyler miller 5. Kody Karloff 2 man goose 1. steve albrecht Ben Edwards 2. tyler miller kody karloff 3. tyler miller Ben Waples
  14. The Lodge
    1. Josh Dokken, Death row 2. Kyle Blankly, Calif 3. Brian merillo, RNT 4. Tyler Miller, Foiles 5. Brett Downs, Boyle 6. Aaron????, 7. Al Dejong, Foiles JJ Moser, Boyle
  15. The Lodge
    Well my first show for the season is done. Had some anxity with getting in my show cart for the first time since my accident 2 weeks ago. The show went great. Results 1st in Halter Best in Show 1st in womens cart 1st in Farm Obstacle(totally blew my competition away in this class) 1st in...
  16. Waterfowl Calls & Calling Forum
    Iowa State Duck Results 1 Rob Bevins Buck Gardner Calls 2 Todd Copley Rich-N-Tone Duck Calls (RNT) 3 Dan Oberfoell Rich-N-Tone Duck Calls (RNT) 4 Mitch Downs Echo Championship Calls 4 Ted Kourousis Rich-N-Tone Duck Calls (RNT) MVCA Regional Duck 1 Todd Copley Rich-N-Tone Duck Calls (RNT)...
1-16 of 16 Results