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  1. The Lodge
    I finally just finished moving into my house, got internet, and started my job last week. I am now wondering what a person is to do around the town of Ottumwa besides watching "bad grammar" video and practicing on his goose call? Could anyone tell me where the closest dirt track is and what...
  2. The Lodge
    Found this in the waterloo newspaper. ELGIN - A rural Fayette County resident is facing charges for allegedly harassing a bow hunter and for firing a rifle in the direction of the man's tree stand while the hunter was in it. Brian Gibson, 44, of 22268 Hornet Road, was also allegedly verbally...
  3. The Lodge
    Well spent all of Friday and Saturday moving from Des Moines to Winterset. Friday started off terrible as none of the 26ft moving trucks would start, so we had to get a 14ft truck. All the 26ft were diesels. Only having 14ft truck made for 2 trips and with just my dad helping as all my other...
1-3 of 3 Results