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  1. The Lodge
    Took the camera while fishing the Mississippi River and the Cedar River recently. Not the great pics but they are alright for the camera I have. Had to add this one. This is what a 8lb dog fish does to a rapala when they bite it. It was a heck of a fight.
  2. The Lodge
    I need to catch up some recent hunts. I'm ready for this split to be over! It's been really miserable conditions to hunt in, but every day I think about how in short time it'll be another 9 months until next year's season. :cry:
  3. The Lodge
    here are some of the pics from our recent duck hunts in Indiana.. some of the best hunting i have had in years... we killled over 50 ducks in 2 weekends.. :D Tim my uncle Brent... andy with some ducks the hardest worker of the day!!! Dexter..!! me with some.. me wtih my "convict pic" and...
1-3 of 4 Results