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  1. The Lodge
    Just curious how many of you put everything away until its almost time next year or do you get it ready before you put it away. I have always been the procrastinator until this year, everything will be ready for next year by the end of the month. New blind for the sneak boat, few boat...
  2. The Lodge
    Had a good hunt Saturday morning around Aberdeen, SD with 33 birds - 11 honkers, 24 ducks (mallard and pintails). They shot 24 birds the day before in this field and then another 8 yesterday. We had mallards and pinnies all over us before shooting time, Migrators flying south all day yesterday...
  3. Waterfowl Boats, Motors, & Boat Blinds
    Well she is loaded and ready.. 2 dozen floarting canadas, 3 dozen divers, in the floor the storage has 2 dozen mallard, 6 wood duck and 6 baldpate, the collapsable dog doors.. the interior has been sealed with resin as has the outside.. the blind weighs 205 lbs.. reeay for the 15th:D
  4. The Lodge
    Got some of the stuff rounded up yesterday. Ready to shoot dem in da face:25:. Also found the band i lost when I was like 11.
  5. Northern Zone
    Martens Lake, in Sweet Marsh Wildlife Management area, is a popular fishing, hunting, and boating area that has been challenged by aquatic invasive plants since the mid-1990s. In 2010, a new invasive plant-brittle naiad-spread into the marsh and threatened native plants and aquatic recreation...
  6. The Lodge
    Alright guys (and gals). Me and a few others from this forum are trying something new this year. We are still working out some of the details, but we are excitied to start getting some feedback. I know some people are going to hate the idea, so if you are one, please be nice. I still appreciate...
  7. Turkey Forum
    I know I am!! new decoy came in last week :)
  8. Fishing Forum
    Got the boat out yesterday and got it ready for our trip to Genoa tomorrow. Motor fired right up and purred like a kitten.
  9. The Lodge
    Just was wanting to see some good fishing pics if anyone had any, up load em and share!!! I'm bored at work... :shock: Here's some pics from some old fishing days (of course I'm pretty much a bass fisherman).
  10. Predator Hunting & Trapping
    Well trappers, Were closing in on the opener. traps all fixed? dyed, waxed? sifters ready trap shovel need a soak to tighten the handle? lures ordered bait made? snares dyed? wire dyed and waxed ? So many things we do as trappers to prepare for our season. Its not as simple as scouting ducks or...
  11. The Lodge
    2009 20 X 60 Phowler with ice breakers and .125 hull Wide Open Floor Plan Seat Bases getting installed Pedastels in....went with 3 but will be able to hunt 4 (5 in a pinch) Put Hydroturf down on floor and drop down table (Hinged) New 35 Horsepower Go_Devil picked up in the big city of Sabula...
  12. The Lodge
    got the boat, dekes, and guns ready. can't hardly wait.
  13. The Lodge
    Well it 29 days until we can shot duck and THE BEST DAY EVER EARLY GOOSE in 36 day. And i got the waterfowl fever the worst i have ever had. I want and look at to oat feilds i have and load with geese one had about 62 and the other had well ovetr 100. I would love to do the ealry goose but dont...
  14. Waterfowl Calls & Calling Forum
    Guys just a update on the calls.. i have over 50 ready but i sent them to the engraver today... it should be by the end of next week when they are done.. i will put up some pics as i changed the shape a little and i have all new colors.. nothing you have not seen just went to the basic colors...
  15. Gun Rack
    After taking them to central Illinois this past weekend I needed to clean them up and figured I better get them ready for snow geese. Here they are. Nothing new on the remington but for the xtrema I got a long range choke and a magazine extension. An upclose of the mag. extension and choke...
  16. Hunting Gear
    This is my crew helping with gear (my 2 girls). I need to re-mud the blinds. They helped for 5 minutes, now there selling lemonade.
  17. Gun Rack
    Here is a pic of them from last season. Nothing has changed on them other than they are clean and ready to get dirty.
  18. Deer Forum
    Anyone getting ready for Bow season yet???? My old man and I set 3 stands last week when we were on our so called vacation.
  19. The Lodge
    Getting closer to being ready to open the door to my new store. It has taken a lot of my summer but well worth it. My oldest doughter has been helping now and again as well. She has been a great deal of help with this project.. I will have more photos with the latest progress as soon as I get...
1-19 of 20 Results