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  1. The Lodge
  2. The Lodge
    Guys going to make this thread a sticky and will be adding auction items tomorrow. All the money received will be going to Dean Downer to help pay for his wifes medical bills. We figure this is the least we can do for such a great guy and such a terrible thing that has happened. We will have...
  3. Conservation Forum
    Tell me what you think folks. Subsidies are what we know to be the driving force behind habitat loss., Conservation programs are at a huge financial disadvantage and often for many there is to little money to go around or the incentive structure just isn't lucrative enough to force a person to...
  4. Conservation Forum
    WARM CONDITIONS PROMPT WARNING OF BLUE-GREEN ALGAE BLOOMS DES MOINES â€" Rapidly warming weather and water temperatures have prompted concerns about microcystin, a product of blue-green algae. Sun Valley Lake, a private lake and development in Taylor County, reported a small fish kill on...
  5. Conservation Forum
    If you are a hunter or gun owner/shooter ... read on. On Tuesday, May 24, 2011, the Iowa DNR held a public hearing at their hq in Des Moines. I was there. This was an important session because the anti-hunters ... anti-dove hunters ... and a couple anti-gun folks were there also ... to...
  6. Site Help and Suggestions
    Please read over this new announcement (which is posted on all forums): Iowa's Waterfowl Hunting Community - Announcements in Forum : Suggestions And Help Forum If you have any questions regarding it, post here or PM.
  7. The Lodge
    Interior secretary watches cranes -
  8. The Lodge
    Hey guys, Welp, as some of you guys/ladies know, the software used to run IAW is getting pretty outdated. So, last night I did a test run to change the forum software and everything worked out perfectly minus the avatars (PLEASE SAVE YOUR CURRENT AVATAR ON YOUR COMPUTER). All...
  9. The Lodge
    Just wanted to take a moment and thank all the fine sponsors that support the sites. I encourage all of you to support those that support us. Click any of the banners below to go direct to the web-sites.
  10. The Lodge
    As we all know, with weather comes ducks. But when you're out there, ask yourself "how much is a duck worth?" I've had a few times where I questioned my common sense and looking back it was a little dumb...but be smart out there this season...Today 10/28/10 and yesterday had similar weather...
  11. The Lodge
    This is quite possibly one of the best reads I have seen in a while. Seems ol Snapp has been kicking people off a Public hunting area for a few years. To boot the area isn't even that good but thats not what he told his clients.....
  12. Snow Goose Reports & Information
    Or anyone who has watched Habitat Flats video. DU online aritcle, so most of you all have probably read it.
  13. The Lodge It is from 2005 but I think it is still relevant. Sheds some light on the arguements we have here.
  14. The Lodge
    First and foremost, welcome to The community at large would just like to thank you for making it that much better. This community is here to help each other advance in their hobby, but at times we must clear the air and laugh a little. We are a friendly bunch and simply do...
  15. Conservation Forum
    First off sorry about the length as I wish I could sit and have a beer or soda with every one of you and talk about the WAI and ducking. I would talk to you about what I have seen state waterfowl associations structured just as WAI do for their states to improve the sport of waterfowling...
  16. The Lodge
    I really don't know what to say other than this man was a hero to many. This article proves it.
1-18 of 28 Results