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  1. The Lodge
    I love most things outdoors: I like to fish the hard water: Fish the open water: Hunting the Fowl: And some Family fun: Kicking it Old school I can build stuff too: I put up the fence and built the garden beds (when I had my house)
  2. The Lodge
    Have any funny pictures on your computer? Well... post 'em!
  3. The Lodge
    Anything new needed on the site as the year is closing out, Home page like WI Stock market ticker, stock tracker by symbol... Radio with random songs New logo on top left of site Anyone banned??? ????? anything?????
  4. The Lodge
    My wife did a little rearranging of stuff and put my carved decoys in diffrent spots and put my calls in there too. Just a few shots of the calls. You know the sad part? I have 15 more that are not up there. From Zink aqnd Calef to some ones that has never made main stream. You will not see a...
  5. The Lodge
    I have a new camera/cam corder combo and this was the first time I have tried it. It is a cheap model and I have yet to figure out the video part. So here are a few pics. I didn't get it out in time for any shots of the geese on Sat evening
  6. Outdoor Photography
    Colorado a few years ago. Notice the green collars Inside the pit in CO
1-6 of 6 Results