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  1. Classifieds
    I have one black female pup for sale I was going to keep her out of my litter but wont have time . she is AKC ,8 weeks old , first shots sire has Master hunter title both parents are excellent hunters she will make someone a great hunting partner.$275 to a hunting home ......located in eastern Iowa
  2. Gun Dog Forum
    Well...fiance and I want to get our hunting dog soon after we tie the know is 3 weeks. Is late fall/winter an OK time to get a hunting pup, probably a GSP. Whats everyone's thoughts?
  3. The Lodge
    Last evening we went out in Aberdeen for an afternoon goose hunt. The guys I was hunting with haven't hunted much with "trained" dogs so I was showing them my dog's blind retrieving and they made the point that if a flock shorts us that I could send my dog "Deuce" to get them up. Little did we...
  4. Gun Dog Forum
    Ok scenario goes: You have your breeder picked because of your own reasons and a deposit is down (say 1st pick of litter). You show up to look at the litter and interact with them to make your choice of who to take home. Breed non-specific.... Do you pick male or female; and why? Do you pick...
  5. Gun Dog Forum
    Finally looking to get my first lab pup here shortly. Does anyone have any breeders within the state that they would recommend that wont break the bank? Plan on doing all of the training myself.
  6. Gun Dog Forum
    For those in the market for a lab pup, I thought I would post a few links for some important health information pertaining to labs. These are tests that should be done on labs before they are bred. CNM (Centronuclear Myopathy) CNM Website EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse) Exercise Induced...
  7. Gun Dog Forum
    You get what you pay for, if you have 2 outstanding parents that have hunt test titles odds are pretty good you will have hunting pups. Yes I understand that you can find a good hunting dog in the paper cheaper, but what about health guarantee, if you pay for a quality pup you are getting good...
  8. Classifieds
    We have one yellow male left of a litter between HRCHUH Elk Rivers Pride Sir Haus and HRUH Elk Rivers Pride Miss Dixie. I am posting for my father and I personally have a dog out of this cross. Great hunters and training dogs. Please contact Jeff Daniels (563-212-1642) with any questions. He...
  9. Classifieds
    Looking for a Black Lab pup. I was all set up to pick mine up last week and some dude said that he would pay $100 more and the seller agreed. I found out when I was on the road to pick her up. Not a happy camper I am....So yeah, if you are or know someone that has a litter on the way or still...
  10. Gun Dog Forum
    Lehman's Cold Raw Echo
  11. The Lodge
    So I have a two year old lab. The first year I had her she wasnt ready to hunt, last year I had her trained but honestly was only able to take her out 2 times and she did ok. Started my own business this year and working with her was back burner material this summer. SO Saturday we get to the...
  12. Gun Dog Forum
    Well since I gave my GSP to hollywood b.c I didn't use it figured I better get something I would use.. Here she is... She wanted to go on a boat ride but guess I wasn't ready to put her in the boat in the water.. LOL
  13. Gun Dog Forum
    Friends Lap puppy, 4 mo old comes over and rough houses with my lab. His pup always vomits with in 10 min of playing. Anyone ever heard of this? Any ideas what the problem is?
  14. Classifieds
    Looking to buy a lab pup or will consider a chesepeake bay. Located in central iowa but will travel if needed. thanks
  15. Classifieds
    This is a all black litter sire is a Senior Hunter with Master passes in AKC and a Hunting Retriever Champ and has a Grand pass in UKC. Also a Re Jam in QAA AKC field trial. Dam is a super breed (sire FC-AFC dam is QAA female) with lot's of go and is super birdy. She is a dog that we have upland...
1-15 of 16 Results