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  1. Hunting Gear
    I was sighting in my 44 mag two days ago and forgot my ear muffs. Big mistake. My question is has anyone used the in the ear electric protection, what brand, style, and price. I see I can get them fairly cheap (wich I am guessing thats how they work) to over $2,000 a pair. Any help...
  2. Hunting Gear
    I'm not getting any younger and I already have tinnitus so I'd like to use some hearing protection while hunting this year. What do you all use that allows you to hear incoming birds and not your buddy shooting next to you?
  3. The Lodge
    My GF and I got into an interesting discussion last night. If you're carrying a gun in your car and you felt threatened by another person (with a knife, gun, etc.) and you did NOTHING to provoke the person. Would you pull the trigger, if you displayed the gun (if the person had a knife) and...
  4. Conservation Forum
    Your Support Needed Today for Critical Clean Water Legislation The fight to protect clean water and healthy habitat led to the founding of the Izaak Walton League. The threats to the water we drink, essential wetland habitat for fish and waterfowl, and streams in our communities are more subtle...
  5. Conservation Forum
    ACT NOW Action Alert: Your Emails Needed to Protect Water Quality in Lakes in Iowa 199 Recreational Lakes Omitted from New Water Pollution Rule <> Take Action! Your Emails Needed A newly proposed Iowa DNR rule ignores...
  6. The Lodge
    Does anyone use one of these is your safe or cabinet. Cabelas sells them for right at $30.00 so it can't hurt to try. Just looking for some input... Thanks Matt.
  7. Conservation Forum
    WASHINGTON – July 10, 2008 – Testifying before a Congressional committee today, Ducks Unlimited Chief Biologist, Dale Humburg identified several key factors in declining bird populations across North America: Loss of grassland nesting habitat, deterioration of coastal wetlands and loss of...
1-7 of 7 Results