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  1. Gun Rack
    Having problems with Franchi 912 cycling heavy loads. Wondering if anyone else has this gun and ever had the same problem. Gun has been cleaned and oiled. The piston is set for heavy loads but still have problem with 2nd and 3rd shell. It really sucks having a single shot (auto).It will cycle...
  2. The Lodge
    Anyone know anything about Trucks. I took my truck to Autozone after my check engine light came on, and it came up that my Cam Shaft Position sensor was bad. So my truck has two, I replaced one, and started it turned it on and the light went off, then I took it for a drive and it was fine, but I...
  3. The Lodge
    Ok, so I have a KHL Subwoofer, that has an amp on the back. The problem is, it blew a fuse the other day so I went and bought another fuse, so I went through 2 more before I decided I would stop wasting fuses. Its a 2 Amp 250v Fuse, anyone possibly know the problem?
  4. Gun Dog Forum
    I had a cousin stop by last wekend he had some toquitos looking dog treats, against my advice he gave one to each of my labs and they Both got the squirts for a couple days. They have been on a strict diet since weening and I know this may have alot to do with it but anyone else give these...
  5. Decoy Forum
    I have a lucky duck with remote that i got two seasons ago took it out one day and the remote would not work. I thought it was the battery so I got a new one and the remote still does not work. It will work if i touch the remote to the antenna with either battery. I put in a call to Expedite...
  6. The Lodge
    anyone else having a problem uploading a pic tonite?
  7. Site Help and Suggestions
    We may be having indexing problems with the site, pages slow to load or not at all, hosting problem. We are looking into this now. Sorry for the inconvienence. Thanks for the heads up Jon.
1-7 of 8 Results