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  1. The Lodge
    Guys Bass Pro is giving away $250 gift cards to the first 250 callers, I was number 13 2 min ago hurry and get on it. 1-800-429-3825
  2. The Lodge
    Who has or is going to it? I went today. Sat there for a little over an hour, to talk to them for about 5 min. a buddy of mine sat there for over 2 hours yesterday. The guy told me that that had over 1200 people show up yesterday.
  3. The Lodge
    Well these pics pretty much sum it up..... It was awesome!!!! Killed limits of birds and to top it off Tim went and made me a beautiful cocobola goose call tonight before I left. I will get pics of it up tomorrow. What a great group of guys. Glad I got on the staff. Here are some pics...
  4. Sports Talk
    The Pro Bowl will be moved to a week before the Super Bowl and will be played at the site of the game beginning in 2010, the Associated Press reported today. This move comes after years of speculation and is a clear attempt to reinvigorate a game that barely registers with hardcore NFL fans, let...
  5. Taxidermy Forum
    [color=blue]Ok so i want an opinion of what people like their birds, deer, large animals and small animals to look like...such as for example the pro's of having a deer head done with neck only versus full shoulder and why you think its better, in my opinion and trust me ive a few of them. In...
  6. Sports Talk;jsessionid=9D03ADEA8B4E1C4A0F6BA98B4D32648B?id=09000d5d80895a52&template=with-video&confirm=true
  7. Decoy Forum
    Was at Bass Pro yesterday they had their FB goose decoys for 60 bucks a 4 pack. I see why took the display one and gave it the scratch test. Yep sure enough the paint came off very easy. Think I will stick with my dakotas.
  8. The Lodge
    Just got it in the mail today. I see some new stuff for waterfowling this year. The only draw back is bass pro doesn't carry the best selection of waterfowling gear in my mind. I will take cabelas over them in waterfowl selection anyday of the week.
21-28 of 31 Results