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  1. The Lodge
    Stopped by the local Fareway this afternoon to pick up some odds and ends and to my surprise a staple to the college kids diet has increased significantly in price since I was in school. Ramen Noodles, listed 10 for $2 didnt quite ring up that way....... Fortunately the I just got paid...
  2. Taxidermy Forum
    Looking for deer, pheasants, coyotes, fox, ducks, geese, fish ect. Looking to get started saving money for this years mounts.
  3. Gun Dog Forum
    You get what you pay for, if you have 2 outstanding parents that have hunt test titles odds are pretty good you will have hunting pups. Yes I understand that you can find a good hunting dog in the paper cheaper, but what about health guarantee, if you pay for a quality pup you are getting good...
  4. The Lodge
    Drake closeouts
  5. Classifieds
    Was cleaning out the garage and trailer and found a few things I dont use/need any more. If your interested drop me a message or you can e-mail me at [email protected] All located in toledo IA, I travel to CR, IC and cedar falls often so something could be aranged. Reasonable offres will be...
  6. Decoy Forum
    Wow some of these prices are great...
  7. The Lodge
    what is with people selling things for brand new prices right now on all the forums? Its almost rediclous how much people want for used gear.
  8. Classifieds
    Ivory RNT MVP. Barely used, never been hunted. 10 out of 10. I have the neat little pouch thingy and the box. The pouch seems to be a necessity for the contest caller. Lol. $100 to your door. They're $150 new and this call is new. Strait Street Foiles contest call. Clear mouthpiece and...
  9. Decoy Forum
    don't know if these prices are the same in stores, but i'm considering picking up a few...
  10. Hunting Gear
    Check these sales out. I might have to get a pair of backup waders.
  11. The Lodge
    Is it just me or do pickup prices keep going up? I've been trying to buy a pickup since July and they keep going up in price. Dealers want over $15,000 for pickups with around 100,00 mi. Now that hunting season is here I need one more than ever, but guess I'll tote stuff around in my car again.
  12. The Lodge
    Hey guys i have been working on my web page for a few days now and i have changed all of my prices on my Acrylic goose calls. I have also added some of the new pearl colors that guys like. My calls are about $45.00 chaeper.. they were $124.99 with $10.00 shipping and now they are $90.00 with...
  13. Gun Rack
    Just curious what is the best deal anyone has found right now for either 3" BB's or 3 1/2 inch BB,1, or 2's. Looking to buy a case. I have found a case of xpert 3" BB's for 94.99 at cabelas but not picky on the brand.
  14. Hunting Gear
  15. The Lodge
    Hey guys just wanted to remind you that when you want the dakota decoys your group will get them for dealer price. Just a way to say thanks for being loyal here and keeping the site active!!!!!!!! Oh the only catch is I might have to hunt with you guys once or twice. :lol:
  16. The Lodge
    Wouldnt this be awesome check this out, just hope diesel fallows suit
  17. The Lodge
    Take a look!!! chris
  18. The Lodge
    Check this out!!!!
  19. The Lodge
    Crop production costs are rising rapidly in 2008, and the trend will continue in 2009. Although farm commodity prices are at record high levels, they must remain there for farmers to cover dramatically higher production costs. A great resource to examine historic production costs is found at...
1-19 of 19 Results