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  1. Vendor Deals Central Prairie Outfitters is coming aboard as a sponsor. Thank you for the sponsorship Cooper, we appreciate it. Info from Central Prairie Outfitters website; Here at Central Prairie Outfitters we strive to deliver the most unforgettable snow...
  2. Hunting Gear
    Anybody have a boat blind done in there prairie grass? I am debating wether I should order 20 lbs of the sand color and dye some of it. Since its on sale at $40 for 10 lbs.
  3. Conservation Forum
    Prairie Breeding Grounds Soaked, Duck Population at All-Time High. Duck hunters will find plenty to cheer about in the annual breeding population and habitat survey, which was released earlier today. Conducted each May by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Canadian Wildlife Service...
  4. Decoy Forum
    Not alot of deals but might be something you would be interested in!:25: All of your duckduckgoosesale products at Mack's Prairie Wings
  5. Ducks Unlimited
    Who all is going to Chester this Saturday night for the banquet??? It is always a good time and the food is excellent.
  6. Conservation Forum
    Ground Crew up to Grande Prairie: ducks and water down this year Written by Garnet Raven Tuesday, May 25, 2010 The Alberta ground crew finished with the area north and east of Edmonton and made the long trek up to Grande Prairie today. Unfortunately, we found that moisture conditions...
  7. Fishing Forum
    "The winning sunfish for kids goes to Mackenzie Pettit, age 7 Eastman WI weighing in at .67lbs." I really thought she had a chance at the Bass however, 2.2lbs did not even make the board for kids bass. It doesn't look like she cares too much though!
  8. The Lodge
    Pic I took on Monday hauling dekes back to the trailer from the pothole
  9. Hunting Gear
    Final Approach Foiles Prairie Eliminator Express Blind List Price: $149.99 Sale Price: $89.95 You Save: $60.04 (40%)
  10. Hunting Gear
    Final Approach Foiles Prairie Eliminator Express Blind $99.95 new
  11. Conservation Forum
    Saturday November 15th at the Chester Community Center in Chester, Iowa. Social hour is at 5pm dinner starts at 7pm. For more info call Duane Ollendick at 641-330-7037. This is the DU dinner I go to. Let me tell you it is the place to buy stuff off the live and silent auction. Great prices...
1-11 of 12 Results