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  1. Waterfowl Boats, Motors, & Boat Blinds
    I'm starting to get ideas for my blind and would like to see other peoples blinds to give me some more ideas. Let me know what works and what you'd do different. I'm leaning towards a low-low because my motor is a tiller. I'm open to suggestions and ideas. Thanks guys.
  2. The Lodge
    Seems to me there used to be a place that I posted our gun show. Any help,guidance or input? Thanks
  3. The Lodge
    i just wanted to read more about it!!! must be ligit if it even started a battle on IO!! :D good work haters!!! ps went out to big marsh today and shot a 5 man limit in 1 1/2 hrs. (West side) tons of ducks and i cant wait to get after them tomorrow!! everyone should come out cause it will...
  4. IAW Bar & Grill
    I figured I should put this in here instead of on the acctual contest page....just to be safe.
  5. The Lodge
    if it helps one person learn from my mistake it was worth it. I had two guys from work come hunt with Cam and I on Black Friday. I know that I usually do not post anything serious but I am dead serious about this one fellas. It started out like a normal day in the blind but that soon changed...
  6. The Lodge
    South Dakota hunt Oct 1 to 3rd. Prairie pot holes were full of water and ducks. Should be a great year. Used 2 spinners and 5 floaters birds were in attack mode.
  7. Sports Talk
    MLB Post season schedule
  8. The Lodge
    By Lowell Washburn Iowa Department of Natural Resources Lots of ducks. Lots of hunters. Lots of shooting. That’s the way most Iowa waterfowl hunting enthusiasts are summing up the results of the September 19 kickoff to the first, five-day segment of the 2009 Iowa duck season But the fact...
  9. The Lodge
    Figure I better delete some photos as I wasn't suppose to be takeing photos inside the factory. Old man retired today after 40yrs.
  10. Site Help and Suggestions
    just a thought i get on alot and i love the way that they have a quick post on the bottom of all the posts so you dont have to go to a new page to post a reply just a thought! thanks!
  11. Mud Motor Talk
    Not much mud motor talk in some time. Lack of mud motors being used or just nothing to say about them? I have been runnning a Mudbuddy 35 for a few years and it gets me to many spots even late season. Water levels are lowered by as much as 11 feet in preparation for Spring snow melt/runoff...
  12. Turkey Forum
    Turkey terror in Rockport: Post Office suspends some deliveries after birds' attacks on carriers ROCKPORT — Through rain, sleet and snow, Rockport mail carriers deliver — until now, anyway. And it wasn't the rain, sleet or snow that stopped some of them. Nearly every day over the last...
1-13 of 21 Results