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  1. Classifieds
    Just got caught up on all my summer Mod orders. So I got three sets of heads and intakes sitting at the shop. Heads are decked .050” with a port and polish on the Intake and Exhaust, 3 angle valve job and media blasted. This is very good recipe for torque! Intakes are Ported out to the...
  2. The Lodge
    What parts of Port Louisa are huntable? When I go to google maps it has an outline of it that goes from Amana to Tama. The IA DNR's map doesn't look as big....but it also looks like a really poor quality map. I know the obvious answer is go out and scout it, but its bit too far away from me...
  3. Gun Rack
    My barrel for my m2 is going out tomorrow to get ported by them. Has any one had one done by them before? They do port it and remove any burrs so the wad wont catch. They also do alot of other gun work too, here is thier site, also they have a cute blonde with guns on the page. :)...
1-3 of 3 Results