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  1. Fishing Forum
    Anyone been fishing on any good ice on lower pool 11, except for the marina? Been doing any good in the dredged areas? Suppose to be stocking trout this weekend at heritage pond. It is fun for the kids, but I get bored after taking off so many and not being able to fish too....haha. Probably...
  2. The Lodge
    Anyone else heading to the National tap pool tourney in vegas? i'm heading out for a lil over a week so please dont kill all the birds while i'm gone.
  3. The Lodge
    just wondering if anyone does
  4. The Lodge
    Maybe attach a blind to the pool (need to take the winter cover off of it this weekend and turn the heater on)?? There in my bird feeder, now the pool, but rarely in the decoys......
  5. The Lodge
    Does anyone on here hunt pool 19? Around Ft. Madison? I will be down there deer hunting again this year and wondering what the competition is like for duck hunting? Not looking for spots, but just curious about whether it is a zoo or if they even stop in that area. Thanks for the time!
  6. Mississippi River Zone
    244,000 cans in Pool # 9 (closed) on 11/02/09
  7. The Lodge
    First I would like to say a Big Thanks to ajb and greenhead klr for the tips about hunting up there. We have hunted 2 weekends up there.. I have only hit 1 muskrat hut and 1 fallen tree under the water. I also did a header into the water for the first time ever.. That was very cold..BUT me and...
  8. The Lodge
    Tossing around the idea of hunting the Miss. river this weekend and was wondering if anyone knew what the water level looks like on Pool 9??
  9. Mississippi River Zone
    I have been stuck up at college for the last week and have not been able to get back home and scout. Just wondering if there are any divers down around the Clinton area. Im looking to get out this upcoming weekend and do some layout hunting and maybe smack a Can. It is early yet but I'm...
  10. The Lodge
    Can hunt pool 7 Onalaska WI. My cousin Kevin shot his 1st can and WI Sportsman picked up a pup from icededdux (Tim). We shot 3 ducks, was busted about 7 times with ducks cruisin thru the deeks and had a full day of laughin and eating good food. WI Sportsmans boat didn't start so we towed him to...
  11. Mississippi River Zone
    I have a few ?s about hunting Pool 9. Anyone familar with the area please PM me??? I am going to hunt there this year for sure just need to know the basics...Thanks alot for the help....
  12. Conservation Forum
    Some of the area goose hunters would like Elk Creek Pool A to be a goose refuge. A protected roost. IDNR is mulling over the idea. I can certainly see both sides, I've water hunted on the island for geese many times in the past but the last few years there has been a massive shift to field...
  13. Mississippi River Zone
    Okay guys, I am heading up to see a buddy this weekend in NE IA. I am going to drag the boat up there and try to hunt the mighty river. I have never hunted it before but my buddy knows pools 9 and 10 well. You guys have any suggestions for set up, what to expect, and anything else??? Thanks...
1-13 of 13 Results